University of Ottawa Scholarships 2019

University of Ottawa is a public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Campus is 105 acres across. It was established in 1848, reaching its final location in 1856. Louis Theodore and the church provider that lands and funds for the church. In 1889, U of Ottawa became a pontifical university until becoming secular in 1965. From 1939 to 1968, the Canadian Officer Training Corp was stationed on campus. Now, University of Ottawa scholarships are being awarded to qualified international students!

Just over 40,000 students attend the college. 35,000 are undergraduates and 6,000 are graduate students. The college has international students from the USA, Belgium, France, and several other countries with French as a primary or secondary language. The college’s main languages are English and French.

The UOttawa Library contains more than 4.5 million titles. Artifacts range from 800 AD to the present day. The University of Ottawa Museum of Classical Antiquities has items from 800 BC to 800 AD. Gallery 113 is offered to students to showcase their work. It is run by SFUO, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa. SFUO runs over 250 clubs, movie night and other on-campus events. The college has 10 residences on the main campus. The school offers personal training, fitness, and sports. There is a second campus in Riverview, Ottawa, Canada.

The UOttawa Endowment Fund totals almost 200 million USD. A large portion of this endowment provides University of Ottawa scholarships, Medicine, and Art departments.

Graduates have been successful in many careers and fields. Of the 200,000+ Alumni, there have been 6 global prime ministers, dozens of CEOs, foreign heads of state, musicians, politicians, and astronauts. There have been two Nobel prize winners associated with the university. UOttawa prioritized its scholar’s education and social growth, alongside promoting opportunities for students to take the reigns and succeed outpace of academics.


University of Ottawa Scholarships

There are many students who study at the University of Ottawa and also receive scholarships. You can find this information on the scholarships page. You will see various scholarships including those for domestic and those for international students. Read the materials on this page carefully and follow the instructions.


University of Ottawa Admissions

The official website does a thorough job at explaining the admission process of the University of Ottawa for international students. You can find this information at Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Page. You will find useful information such as admissions requirements, admissions with advanced standing, deadlines and available programs, admission forms and tools, application fees, after you apply, and admissions events. Definitely, go to the website and read all the information before considering to apply.


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If you want more scholarship opportunities other than University of Ottawa scholarships, visit Canada University Archives.

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