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Why would international students want to study in Norway? One answer is the academic excellence. Because of their excellence, universities in Norway are considered the best in the world. Many of them are ranked within 200th in the global rankings.

Also, they have produced scientists, politicians, philosophers, and scholars who excel in their field. The alumni have received numerous prestigious awards such as the Nobel Prize. The academic excellence can be shown in the alumni and in the rankings.

Is the academic excellence of these Norwegian universities the only reason why international students would want to study in Norway? The short answer is no. Many international students are attracted to these free tuition universities that are free even for international students. These universities only charge the semester fee, and the tuition is free because it is subsidized.

So, students can focus on paying the living costs and do not have to worry about the tuition fees unlike other highly recognized institutions in other countries.

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1. Oslo University

Oslo University is one of the best Norwegian universities and is also globally recognized to be a prestigious institution. Since 1811, it has produced many outstanding alumni some of whom won the Nobel Prize.

International students can study at this free tuition university in Norway! They only need to pay a small semester fee to study. There is a language restriction, however, because all bachelor’s degrees are taught in Norwegian, and Master’s and PhD programs are taught in English or Norwegian.

So, if you want to study bachelor’s degree, you will need to have proficiency in Norwegian, and if you want to study Master’s or PhD programs, you will need to have proficiency in either Norwegian or in English.

2. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

This university is a relatively new university in Norway that provides free tuition for international students. Students are exempt from paying the tuition fee because the university is a publically funded university. This university was formed by a merger of two public universities in 2017 and now has tens of thousands of students studying at this excellent university.

3. NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology

This university is the largest university in Norway and currently enrolls over 40,000 students, which includes international students. As its name suggests, Norwegian University of Science and Technology focuses on STEM fields.

Also, it offers students to study in other fields such as arts, humanities, and languages. International students who want to study at this University in Norway should have Norwegian proficiency and/or English proficiency depending on the program.

4. Norwegian School of Economics

Norwegian School of Economics is one of the best business and economic schools in Europe. Another interesting thing to note is that their international student population is at 17%, making it a very international university. There are over 3,000 students studying at this excellent free university in Norway!

5. University of Bergen

This institution was founded in 1946 and has provided great programs in medicine, pharmacy, mathematics, computers, economics, psychology, sociology, languages, law, etc. It has constantly been ranked in the top 100-200th place in the major ranking systems such as the Times Higher Education Ranking and QS World Rankings.

International students can study at this great Norwegian University with free tuition! You should note that all bachelor’s programs are offered in Norwegian, and Master’s programs are offered in Norwegian or English.

6. University of Stavanger

As a public university in Norway, University of Stavanger do not have any tuition fees for both domestic and international students. This is one of the newest universities in the country, having been established in 2005. There are three faculty as of currently and these include Faculty of Arts and Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Faculty of Science and Technology.

7. Oslo Metropolitan University

This is another public university in Norway, and it was established in 2018. Although it is a very new university, it currently has over 20,000 students. Currently, there are four faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Education and International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design. I highly recommend taking a look at this great institution in Norway!

8. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest pubic universities in Norway. It has five campuses across Norway where approximately 16,000 students study at these campuses. It has five different faculties, and it is almost guaranteed that this university offers the degree that you are looking for (unless it’s a very, very obscure major).

9. The Arctic University of Norway (University of Tromso)

The Arctic University of Norway is known for being the university that is located in the most northern parts of the world. Because of the recent merger with different universities, it has six campuses in which international students can study from. The main campus is the one in Tromso.

Students can study dentistry, medicine, engineering, chemistry, philosophy, tourism, education, culture, etc. There are several English programs as well.

10. University of Agder

This institution was founded in 2007, becoming one of the newest Norwegian universities. It has two campuses which are in Kristiansand and Grimstad. Students can study in these two campuses in one of six faculties that the University of Agder has.

11. Nord University

Nord University is a recently established university in Norway and has grown exponentially since 2016. Currently, over 12,000 students attend this university studying various fields such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, humanities, economics, art, business, etc. There are courses that are offered in English, but if your desired degree is not offered in English, you will have to learn Norwegian.

12. University of South-Eastern Norway

University of South-Eastern Norway is a great institution that have campuses all throughout Norway. It recently received the “university” status from the government. This free university in Norway currently serves around 17,000 students, and you could become one of them if you apply!

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