How to Study in Canada for Free (3 Steps)

//How to Study in Canada for Free (3 Steps)

Do you want to know how to study in Canada for free as an international student? Well, there is only one way. Since there are no universities or colleges that are tuition-free in Canada, you will need to receive fully-funded scholarships in Canada to cover tuition, room, and board. So, how do you do that to study in Canada for free?

Basic Steps in Studying in Canada for Free

First, you will need to have a great application. Here, we will go over components of a great application that will able you to get fully funded scholarships in Canada. Second, you will need to find those scholarships using a variety of sources. Third, you will need to apply.

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How to Study for Free in Canada

1. Have a Great Scholarship Application. These are the Components of Great Application

  • Research Experience
    • Research experience is crucial for graduate applicants, especially in the STEM fields. Having a research experience will greatly enhance your application, which will increase your chances of studying for free in Canada. If you are applying for an undergraduate program and have research experience, you are in great advantage.
  • GPA
    • A high GPA is important for those applying for undergraduate or graduate programs. It is a key metric that colleges and universities use to measure the success of the potential student in a college environment.
  • Internships
    • If you have internship experience, you will greatly benefit from it.
  • Community Service
    • Community service is another aspect of your application that will make it shine. Students with community service are seen to care for their community and will give back to their community in the future
    • IELTS and TOEFL are English Proficiency Exam. If you are an international student and are not from an English-speaking country, you will need to take one of these to apply. Students with a very high score will be likely to study for free in Canada.
  • SAT/ACT and/or A-Level and/or College Entrance Exams in your Country (Undergraduate)
    • Many universities in Canada accept SAT and ACT, which are the college entrance exams for undergraduate programs in America. It is highly recommended that you have a high score in one of these. Another option is A-Level, which is from a British curriculum. Students who have completed it will be favored. Also, a high score in college entrance exams in your country is highly recommended.
  • GRE (Graduate)
    • GRE is a test for graduate programs, which Canadian universities accept. If you are applying for a graduate program, a high GRE score is a must.
  • Published Journal (Graduate)
    • Students who have previously published in an academic journal will be viewed on favorably.

This list is just a start of many things that you can put in your application. Having few or several of these components will help you to succeed in studying in Canada for free. So, months or even years before your application, start preparing these essential parts of the application. If you want to know the complete application procedure, visit How to Apply to Universities in Canada.

2. Search for Fully Funded Scholarships

This is an essential step in studying in Canada for free. There are many resources that you can use to find fully funded scholarships. First, I recommend you to go to Canada Scholarship Page on this website to find fully funded scholarships there. Second, search “fully funded scholarships in Canada” in Google to find information there. When you have find the resource, it is essential to go to the official scholarship websites that are linked so that you will find the original information on the application deadline, application procedure, eligibility, application form, etc.

3. Apply for those Scholarships to Study for Free in Canada

After searching for these scholarships, you will need to apply for several of them. It is very difficult to get those scholarships, so you will need to increase your chances by applying for several. So, carefully read the application instructions, complete the application and the required documents, and apply!