Best Turkey Scholarships for International Students

//Best Turkey Scholarships for International Students

During the past few years, Turkey scholarships have attracted many international students. Why? I think that the primary reason is the buzz that the Turkish government is giving hundreds of scholarships to international students. Because of the huge number of international students receiving those and sharing their good news on social media, it helped to spread the popularity of scholarships in Turkey, which I will discuss in this article.

Many international students think that there is only one scholarships offered in Turkey, which is government scholarships. However, they are wrong. There are many universities in Turkey that would love to attract international students and offers generous scholarships to achieve their goal. So, please read this article until the end to find great information.


Turkey Government Scholarships

First, I want to discuss the biggest scholarships in Turkey, which is government scholarship! The government of Turkey is offering hundreds of scholarships to undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students. And the best thing is, they are fully-funded! So, if you want to study in Turkey without paying any expenses, make sure to check this out!


Scholarship Awards

  • Full Tuition Fee
  • One Round Trip Tickets
  • Health Insurance
  • Allowance Depending on Level of Study
  • Free Accommodation



  • Turkish citizens who have lost their citizenships cannot apply for scholarships.
  • Students must be in good health.
  • Meet a minimum score percentage
  • There is an age restriction, which is different for levels of study.

For more information about the requirements, visit Application Requirements.


Evaluation Criteria

So, how do they select their applicants? The scholarship committee has specific benchmarks to evaluate an applicant. Let’s take a look at what specific aspects of your application that they look at.

  • GPA
  • University Entrance Exams in any country
  • International Test Scores

As you probably know, there are many tests that you can take to better your chances. Well-known tests are SAT, ACT, IB, AP, and A Levels for undergraduate, and GRE for graduate students. Also, English Proficiency exams such as TOEFL or IELTS are highly recommended. If you have high scores on those, you will have a very good chance to get the scholarships.


Where to apply?

You can apply through the online application portal. Good luck with your application!



Izmer University of Economics Scholarships

Don’t let the name fool you! There are many majors that are offered at this university other than economics. Students can study engineering, architecture, business, law, communication, science, and other subjects. You can go to their website to see all the faculties and majors that you can study at Izmer University in Turkey.


Undergraduate Scholarships

If you take a look at article 8 in the above link, you will find the information for international student scholarships. Students will receive full tuition, dormitory, and insurance if they do receive this Turkey scholarship. There is not a special application, and the admissions board will give out scholarships based on the university’s goals and student’s application.


Graduate Scholarships

Based on your country of origin, English language exams, international test scores, research experience, and many other factors, scholarships up to full tuition and a monthly stipend are given to those who want to study at this university in Turkey. Also, scholarships for research assistants are offered as well.



Sabanci University Scholarships

This university was founded in 1994 by Sabanci Foundation. Since its founding, it has grown to be one of the most respected universities in Turkey, and ranked as one of the highest in the nation. Why? One of the reason is that the university pursues internationalization eagerly. To get more international students on its campus, it is giving out one of the most generous Turkey scholarships. If you take a look at the scholarships page, you can see that they offer full tuition scholarships to undergraduate students and fully funded scholarships to graduate students. So, make sure to apply to get into this generous university!


How to get Turkey Scholarships

So, I’ve introduced the three best scholarships in Turkey. Now what? In this section, I will go over a general guide so that you will increase your chances.


1.  Study for well-known exams and get a high score.

Months before you start applying, you will need to study for well-known exams. These exams include AP, IB, SAT, ACT, and/or A Level for undergraduate students, and GRE for graduate students. All students should study for TOEFL or IELTS as well. Getting a high score on these will almost guarantee your spot if you have a good GPA.


2.  Apply to Turkey Government Scholarships first. 

Why? Because this scholarship picks hundreds of students each year. You will have a good chance if they pick many students each year. If you do get notified before you apply to other scholarships, then you don’t have to prepare! If you do receive it, you can now relax and have some fun!


3.  After applying to Turkey Government Scholarships, apply for the university scholarships.

These university scholarships also have their advantage. The advantage is that they are not well-known. So fewer students will apply compared to the government scholarships. So, make sure to prepare your required documents well, fill out the application, and apply using their portals.


I hope that this information has been helpful. If you would like to learn more about other scholarships, go to