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China is a growing superpower academically, both in quantity and quality of students and programs. The Chinese Education system saw an increase of 11% for international students in 2016 alone according to the ICEF 2017 report. With Chinese Universities occupying more than half of the top 10 Universities in the BRICS & Emerging Economies Ranking, a lot of students and parents would want to know how to study in China, for free if possible.

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Why study abroad in China?

The Chinese government has started its economic shift from being the world’s cheapest low-tech factory to a giant high-tech manufacturer. As a result, the government made the education system a big priority. Due to this shift, a quality education is made accessible to all students, and programs are created to attract and develop talented employees, both local and international students.

While a significant bulk of scholarships are given for students looking to enter graduate studies, there are quite a number of scholarships for undergraduate degrees.

The best way to study in China for free

There are many ways to study in China for free. However, not many of these options are realistic such as getting a lottery. The best way is to receive scholarships so that you can study for free. We filtered hundreds of Chinese scholarships for international students to get as detailed and focused as possible. Interestingly, Chinese academic programs prioritize sciences over the arts, but some business courses are offered, as well as language programs. We chose these two universities since they have many scholarships available for international students and are highly prestigious.

The University of Science and Technology Beijing

If you are looking for a free scholarship to study in China, then the esteemed University of Science and Technology Beijing would be an excellent fit for you. While the majority of the scholarships offered are for STEM courses (sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics), there are also spots for economics, accounting, business administration and even Japanese and German. The university is also a well-known research center, with patents under the University subsidizing a sizeable chunk of expenses.

The scholarship offers a living allowance of 2500 RMB and free tuition as well as accommodation.

But that is not all! You do not need to understand Chinese, only English. However, they will give a preference to those who have a Chinese Language proficiency of HSK level 4 and above.

Application link can be found on the website.

Guizhou University

This university is known for its language and cultural programs, which makes this university the primary choice for undergraduate students who want to get language units at no cost.

The scholarship is great for those who are interested in a short program, which is one academic year for scholars and one semester for exchange students. The university waives tuition fees and provides accommodation through an on-campus dormitory.

You do not need to know Chinese, but English skills are necessary. Also, the curriculum levels do depend on Chinese proficiency.  While the language is not a requirement, Chinese is a factor in deciding whether you take basic, intermediate, or advanced levels regarding Chinese culture and other classes.

Details about the scholarship or exchange program can be found on the Scholarship webpage.

Other Chinese Scholarships

These scholarships aren’t the only scholarships in China that are offered to international students. I highly recommend Chinese Government Scholarships, which provides hundreds of fully funded scholarships for international students. Many students have received scholarships and now the study abroad in China for free. Also, there are generous university scholarships, and you can find it on China Scholarships Page.

So, you should take a look at this scholarship information that has been provided to you. With this information, you should apply to those scholarships, so that you can make your dream come true!

Is there any other way to study abroad for free in China?

The average tuition fees for community colleges in the United States costs around $4,800, while well-known Chinese universities cost $400 to $2,200 per academic year. Scholarships are not the only answer on how to study in China for free. If scholarships may seem to be too difficult to reach, working while studying in China can be an excellent choice. There is a high demand for English tutors in the Chinese labor market, and being a native speaker can give you a higher base salary. There are many different methods of studying in China for free, but you do need to put in the effort.

Education pays the best dividends, and what better way to have a high return on investment than by getting an excellent education at a fraction of the cost? If you have plans to get your education from other countries like Canada or the UK, then please search for opportunities found on the site.