4 Best Scholarships in Germany for International Students

//4 Best Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Studying in Germany opens up a lot of opportunities in today’s incredibly competitive job market. The country has a large number of universities for undergraduates looking to make their mark. Germany also offers to be a promising destination for those chasing after their post-graduate programs.

The idea of studying in Germany can be very attractive, but on the financial side of things, it can be a difficult path. Scholarships in Germany can be a way to negate a lot of monetary burden along the way to your diploma.

Another great thing is that the tuition in Germany universities are free.  If you want, take a look at the list of free tuition universities in Germany. So, you want to study in Germany? Here are some of Germany’s best scholarships for international students.


DAAD Scholarships

First on our list of great scholarship in Germany is the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschidenst (DAAD). The DAAD is more known in English-speaking countries as the German Academic Exchange Service.

They provide a variety of programs for foreigners and international students to aid them in their studies. If you plan to study in Germany, this should be the first and most important item on your checklist.

Getting accepted into the DAAD opens you up to a variety of options to make studying easier. They offer scholarships, grants, and exchange programs to students in select countries. Checking their website is always a great way to see if your country is one of those selected to participate in this program.

With this program, it can give international students relocating to Germany an easier time, with help in daily living expenses, travel, and of course, the school fees themselves.

For those pursuing their Master’s and Doctorates, DAAD also offers grants to help further facilitate your research projects. These great scholarships in Germany are often available to any and every course, with the condition that they are studied on accredited German universities.


Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Programme

Another amazing Germany scholarship that can be available to a variety of universities in Germany is the Deutschland Stipendium or German Scholarship Program.

One thing to consider about this scholarship program is their selection process. Usually, scholarship recipients often involve the student needing proof of having difficulty financially funding their education.

This means basing decisions on things like parental occupation or even the student’s nationality.

With the German Scholarship Program, they do not look at those histories. They only care about one thing – the student’s skill and excellence in academic work.

Recipients of this scholarship would receive stipend for their daily living expenses for a maximum of two semesters. Chosen students can get a total of up to 300 Euros per month. This can be quite a big help for an international student still trying to settle in the country.


Heinrich Boll Scholarship

The Heinrich Boll Scholarship is a good scholarship in Germany to chase because it specifically goes after international students. It is open to undergraduates as well as those going for their post-grad work.

They take about 1,200 students from the thousands of applicants yearly for their scholarships. This can be a problem, as the selection process could be competitive. Another roadblock for this particular scholarship is that they require applicants to pass the German Language Proficiency tests.


Erasmus +

 Erasmus + is a program similar to DAAD. They offer student exchange programs with European universities to students all over the world. For those wanting to study in Europe, the Erasmus + can be your door.

For German universities, Erasmus + offers a variety of options for the aspiring International student. One can get stipend for day to day expenses, course scholarships, research grants, and even added training and connections after graduation. The program is affiliated with a number of top schools in Germany, ensuring you get a quality education above all else.

Erasmus + is an amazingly broad showcase that covers a lot of ground when it comes to its funding. Undergraduates up to and beyond those going for their Doctorates can find options here to help them in their studies financially.

Applying for the Erasmus + program is easy enough, provided you have the appropriate requirements and you are from one of the selected countries. You can see the full list of eligible countries on their website.


Other Scholarships in Germany and Europe

As you can see, Germany offers a number of scholarships (both publicly and privately funded) that cover a lot of ground. The only thing you can do is to send in your application and hope for the best.

Studying in Germany can be an enriching experience, but also consider that English is not their main language and you may have to learn German in order to study in the many schools that are available. If you want to see the list of English programs in Germany, visit this article.

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