4 Cheap Universities in Russia for International Students

//4 Cheap Universities in Russia for International Students

Russia is a massive landscape with plenty of job and educational opportunities. In fact, it has over 700 universities open for undergraduates alone. On a yearly basis, Russia has over 4 million students in its many prestigious institutions. For this reason, Russia is a great target destination for aspiring international students. For international students on a budget, applying to cheap universities in Russia can keep your dreams afloat. Managing your finances as a student in another country can be tough. You need to balance a number of factors in order to make sure you can finish your education down the road.

To start, you need to choose a university that can accommodate your budget. You also have to factor in the city or area where the school is located, as you will spend your time away from the school living in the area. Rent, cost of daily expenses, and travel are all necessary to research on before you make your final decision.

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Cheapest Universities in Russia

Here is our list of cheap universities in Russia for international students if you want to study in Russia.

1. Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU)

Tuition Fees: Depending on the specific course, interested students are looking at a range of 70,000 – 245,000 RUB (1000-3700 USD) per year.

Located in Vladivostok, FEFU has 23,000 students every year. They have nearly hundred Bachelor’s programs available, so there is a good chance your preferred course or degree will be available here. Being a large university, they offer dormitories within their walls for those who prefer to not stray far when studying.

For international students that are not interested in learning the Russian language, you are in luck. The FEFU offers English courses for most, if not all their Master’s programs, but their undergraduate degrees may not have English courses available. Those wanting English courses should check the specific department to ensure that the FEFU has English courses available for that course. Of course, learning Russian can go a long way, not just within the boundaries of the classroom. Socializing and interaction with the country itself depend mostly on being able to speak the language. I highly recommend this university because it has great academic programs as well as being one of the cheap universities in Russia.

2. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU)

Tuition Fees: Depending on the specific course, interested students are looking at a range of 48,300 – 99,000 RUB (730-1500 USD) per year.

The IKBFU is one of the smaller universities in Russia you can check out. Having only a little under 8,000 students per year, the institution has close to about 500 international students in its student body. While it is small, it still boasts high-quality education as well as a more affordable living area, in the city of Kaliningrad. For those wanting cheaper living costs while studying in Russia, applying at IKBFU can give you a number of benefits and can save a lot when it comes to daily expenses. Also, the cheap tuition at this university in Russia really helps international students’ finances in addition to cheap living costs.

3. Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University)

Tuition Fees: Depending on the specific course, international students are looking at a range of 224,000 – 306,000 RUB (3400-4650 USD) per year.

ITMO University is a large institution that focuses primarily on Science and Technology subjects. Located in Saint Petersburg, the university boasts a large teaching staff with high honors such as PhDs and government awards. Considered one of Russia’s National Research Universities, the school provides quality education in all of the degrees that they offer.

While a great institution to go to, one thing to consider about ITMO University is its location. Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city – but also ranks at the top five of Russia’s most expensive cities to live in. For those on a tight budget, living in this particular city may prove to be very difficult financially. However, if you can afford the living costs, this cheap university in Russia for international students may be for you because of its excellent education.

4. Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (KFU)

Tuition Fees: Depending on the specific course, interested students are looking at a range of 136,600 – 227,200 RUB (2100-3450 USD) per year.

KFU is one of the cheap universities in Russia for international students. It is a very large university that houses over 43,000 students every year. Because of this, diversity will not be an issue, and immersing yourself as an international student will be easier. Kazan Federal University is another school focused on research. Their degrees offer a host of courses, and they specialize in the Natural Sciences and Humanities.

They also offer English courses for their Master’s programs. For those wanting to study in Russia but are not inclined to learn the native language, opting to study at KFU can give you this benefit. This can create many opportunities, considering KFU is one of the top destinations of international students wanting to apply in Russia.

Do you want to study at cheap universities in Russia?

If you would like to study at one of these universities in Russia for international students, you need to apply. You can find the application procedures by going to the official website of these universities. There, you will find the application procedure, forms, deadlines, and other important information regarding admissions. So, make sure to read carefully and follow instructions.

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