4 Cheap Universities in Spain for International Students

//4 Cheap Universities in Spain for International Students

Spain is a modest country filled with a number of exceptional universities for the aspiring student. The main hurdle when it comes to life for an international student is the financial issues that come with living in another country.

For those wanting a more reliable form of financial managing, going to a university with cheaper fees is a viable option. This leaves you with more wiggle room when it comes to your daily living expenses such as food, groceries, and travel fares.

The country of Spain has over 70 different universities in its entire territory. Picking a school may prove to be difficult, especially if you are looking for a specific degree or area.

As always, doing your research on the schools you are interested in can be a great help when it comes time to decide. To help you decide, or simply make your choices narrower, here is our guide to some of the best and affordable universities in Spain.


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Cheap Universities in Spain

For the more affordable rates in school fees, you would most likely look at the publicly funded universities. Here, governments or local institutions and sponsors cover most of the expenses.

If you want something affordable, this is a great place to start. Private universities, on the other hand, are generally more expensive than public universities. This is just not in Spain but everywhere in the world in general.


Autonomous University of Madrid

We start our list of cheap universities in Spain at its capital. The Autonomous University of Madrid not only offers great prices for its fees, but it is also one of (if not the) best universities in the country.

It is a large university with over 36,000 students studying annually. A lot of them include international students, so you will fit right in. Because of the number of students present every semester, diversity will not be a problem for foreign students.

They cover a lot of ground on courses involved in the Natural Sciences, so for those interested in this category, look no further.

Tuition starts at 2,200 Euros (2,550 USD), which is a modest amount compared to the quality of education you can receive. When compared to universities with equivalent credentials, you are looking at a bargain price with their affordable fees.

One thing to consider however if you are eyeing this particular university is its location. While the school fees may seem reasonable, rent and living expenses at Spain’s capital may up the price of your budget considerably.


University of Valencia

History and prestige resonate around the halls of the University of Valencia. One of the country’s oldest schools, Valencia also offers top quality education for its 40,000+ students. Their courses are fairly balanced in focus, so you can easily study a course and expect great quality in both facilities and lessons.

University of Valencia offers a good balance between quality education and price, offering new students 3,060 Euros (3,650 USD) for school-related fees and requirements.

The polar opposite of Madrid, Valencia ranks as one of the most affordable cities to live in all of Spain. Therefore, for those with tight budgets, living in this city can also help out a lot when it comes time to balance the finances.

Definitely consider University of Valencia if you are looking for cheap universities in Spain.


University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is the most expensive school in our list of “cheap” universities in Spain for international students. Their fees cost about 3,100 Euros per year (3,600 USD), which is a few hundred dollars more than the rest of the schools mentioned here.

For comparison, the other top-ranked Spanish schools demand about 4,300 Euros in yearly fees, or about 5,000 USD. University of Barcelona offers quality education and amazing facilities for Natural Sciences and Medicine, while still hovering around affordable price ranges. Barcelona is also a very large institution, housing over 60,000 students annually.


University of Jaen

The university with the cheapest tuition in Spain for international students is the University of Jaen. They only charge 1,200 Euros (1,600 USD) for annual fees, which is four times less than the price demanded by bigger schools in Spain.

It is a public institution with about 16,000 students coming through its halls yearly. While the school fees are small, their array of courses available will impress you. They offer over 40 different courses for students, which is enough for any aspiring undergraduate to step into their gates.

The University of Jaen is located in Jaen, Andalucia – a very affordable area on the southern part of Spain. Andalucia is more of the countryside rather than ‘big city’. If you want a more homely feel and a less noisy place to live in while studying, maybe this is the one for you.


So, do you want to study at these cheap universities in Spain for international students?

If you do, I highly recommend you to look at the application procedures of each university by going to their website. The website provides all the information about the procedure, forms, and deadlines.

Also, it has information on scholarships for international students as well. So, make sure to go to these sites and gather information. If you are interested, I highly recommend going to Europe Scholarships Page!