10 Best Universities in the UK for International Students

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Many students dream of studying abroad, and studying in the United Kingdom is a great way to fulfill your dreams. Combined with great industrial cities and green scenery, the United Kingdom has a variety of environment that you can study in.

Best universities in the UK for international students have great rankings, and some universities are ranked as the top universities in the world. In addition, many universities in the UK has a high price rate, but it covers that aspect by offering scholarships to international students.


Best Universities in United Kingdom for International Students

1. University of Oxford

Ranked as number one in the United Kingdom and also among the European colleges, the University of Oxford boasts of its excellence in their education and also their research capabilities. Oxford is the oldest university in the UK, and it continues to lead the world by paving the path to greater learning and teaching.


2. University of Cambridge

Also ranked among the top universities in the nation and among the European colleges, University of Cambridge is a leading center for research development and creative thinking. Filled with a faculty of Nobel-prize winners, University of Cambridge has an extra layer of specialty when it comes to education.


3. Imperial College London

Imperial College is a world-class university in the United Kingdom that is ranked highly in science, engineering, business, and medicine. Also ranked in one of the world’s top ten universities, Imperial College is a great university for international students since this college puts a lot of emphasis in teaching and research. Located in London, you can view all the sceneries and famous buildings, and you can also receive a fabulous education at the same time.


4. UCL (London’s Global University)

Also located in London, UCL has two major historical titles since UCL was the first university in England to welcome students of any religion and also the first to welcome women on the equal standard as men. Receiving students from over 150 different countries, UCL strives for a diverse community in the college campus, and it continues to welcome international students from all over the world.


5. London School of Economics and Political Science

Also called the LSE, the London School of Economics and Political Science is another college that fits under the category of the top universities in the UK. Related to its name, LSE is a university that is well-known for its social sciences, and it continues to grow its fame by winning Nobel prizes with their graduates.


6. University of Edinburgh

Located in the capital of Scotland, University of Edinburgh is a great place where history and nature combine. Filled with historical buildings and great sceneries, this university offers a great education to their students, and the University of Edinburgh was created to share knowledge and develop knowledge. It also ranks as one of the top universities in the United Kingdom for international students because of their commitment for globalization and their scholarship programs for internaitonal students.

The University of Edinburgh also made many global partnerships with great colleges around the world to further their education and increase the experience of their students.


7. King’s College London

Ranked in one of the 25 top colleges in the world, King’s College has released many top scientists and reputable Nobel prize winners since this college were established. King’s College receives students from various countries to increase their cultural diversity, and it continues to open their doors to international students.

Placed in one of the top 10 universities in the UK, King’s College continues to spread its reputation by providing cutting-edge research and technology to the world.


8. University of Manchester

Located in Manchester, England, the University of Manchester receives international students from over 160 different countries. Because of their strong emphasis on international students, University of Manchester provides a variety of supporting systems and scholarships that aids international students on their various studies. Therefore, it is included in our list of best universities for international students in United Kingdom.


9. University of Bristol

Instead of being ranked in one of the world’s top universities, University of Bristol is known for their popularity and their success rates of their graduates. Even though the University of Bristol is not ranked on a global scale, it still sits among the top ten universities in the UK for their research capabilities.

Also having several Nobel prize winners among their faculty, University of Bristol offers excellent education even to international students.


10. University of Warwick

The last university for the ten best universities in the UK is the University of Warwick. Ranked in the top 20 for having the most international students, Universtiy of Warwick boasts of their emphasis on cultural diversity and also their friendliness towards international students. Having a cutting-edge technology on research, University of Warwick also is the head of the research and learning in the UK.


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