Post Matric Scholarship for Indian Students

//Post Matric Scholarship for Indian Students

Created by the 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities, the post-matric scholarship provides funding for students in India. Not just students from India, but this scholarship targets Indian students of the minority groups.

The Prime Minister of India created post matric scholarship to award students with weak economic backgrounds so that people with little or no funding can obtain an opportunity to get an education.

By increasing their chance of higher education, students from a poor background can gain a high rate of being employed and also increase their chance of success in life.

This scholarship does not provide for studying in abroad, but it is for studying in India such as attending public or private school, college, or university. These eligible institutions are already selected by the administration, and additional institution are available such as Industrial Training Institutes and Industrial Training Centres.


Post-Matric Scholarship for Minority Students



  • Have to acquire 50% or higher on the previous final examination.
  • Annual income of parents should not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakh.

Rs 2.00 lakh = 200,000 rupees

  • Minority communities: Muslim, Christian Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, and Zoroastrians (Parsis).

The distribution of scholarship fund among the State/Union Territories will depend on the Census (which shows the population of the above minority groups).


Selection Procedure

  • 30% of the scholarship will be awarded for girl students, and that automatically means that 70% of the scholarship will be available for boy students.
  • If the number of eligible girl students is low that 30% is too big, then the remaining amount of scholarship will be awarded to eligible boy students.
  • Unlike some other scholarships, the number for post-matric scholarships is fixed, so that after the last scholarship is given, there is no more scholarships even for eligible students.
  • When giving out scholarships, students with family that has the lowest incomes will be considered first.
  • Also, students can renew their scholarships. Renewal applications would be considered first before considering new applications.


Scholarship Award

The post-matric scholarship award depends on the level on the accepted institution, and whether that school is undergraduate or graduate. The amount of the award varies whether you are boarding at that institution or staying at a rented place.

To view the scholarship amount and all the related information about this scholarship, please click on this link.


Conditions/ Renewal of Scholarship

Main points of the conditions of scholarship will be listed in this post, but the specific little details will be found in this link.

  • You cannot receive any other scholarship if you receive the post-matric scholarship. If you do, the funds for post-matric scholarship will be canceled, and you will not receive any funds.
  • If you fail to obtain 50% or higher on your final examination, your scholarship will be discontinued.
  • All the information of post-matric scholarship will be listed on the official homepage, and you can check this information at the link.

To renew your scholarship, you just need to obtain 50% or higher mark on your final examination.


Application Procedure

The procedure for application is listed in the last section of this website, and you need to apply online by using the official website of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India.

To apply, this link will lead you to the application portal, and you need fill our personal information in order to create an account and continue your application.

Application deadline can be found in this link, and more information about other scholarships can be found in the link above as well.



This post contained information just for Indian students, and more posts will be added to satisfy your curiosity of available scholarships for Indian nationals.

Additional information about scholarships for Indian students can be found in this post: Indian Government Scholarship for Studying Abroad. I hope this helped, and have a great day!