2 Cheapest Universities in Ukraine for International Students

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Known as the homeland of the Cossacks, the country of Ukraine has a rich history filled with legendary battles and heroic team fights. This place is not only filled with history, but Ukraine also contains many universities that offer low tuition for international students.

Since most universities in Ukraine offer cheap tuition, the top-ranking universities in Ukraine will be mentioned, and the links to application and tuition will be included for each university. In other words, the cheapest universities will also be one of the top universities in the world.

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Universities in Ukraine with Low Tuition Rates

1. National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

This university’s name is quite a handful, but the National Technical University of Ukraine is called KPI for short. KPI offers its students the opportunity to double major, and it is also ranked among the top and the cheapest universities in Ukraine.

Not only does KPI offer undergraduate and graduate programs, but it also offers pre-admission courses. This means that you can take these courses to determine if you want to stay and continue, and if not, you can just stop with this pre-admission course.

KPI offers a great education at an affordable price since the price range of KPI is significantly lower than the tuition rates of other universities. Since it has an increasing amount of international students, KPI offers language courses in Russian and Ukranian in addition to their great education.

For people who are used to undergraduate and graduate programs only, the preparatory department might be a new term for you. This course is technically a pre-university course where international students who are not familiar with Russian or Ukranian are taught the language, the culture, and some of the facts of the city that you are living in.

Since most international students are not familiar with the language or culture when they first come into the country, it is highly advisable to take the preparatory department courses first before taking the undergraduate or graduate courses.

Also, one of the advantages of learning Ukranian or Russian before coming here to receive the education is that the tuition fees of learning with Ukranian or Russian are cheaper than learning with English-speaking classes. The tuition fee of preparatory department courses is listed here.

The link above will lead you to the required materials for KPI undergraduate admission, and the link to undergraduate scholarship is not available since the tuition fee is already low in the first place. For the conditions of entry, please look under additional information for international students.

Also, application deadlines and where to apply are all listed in every admission link, so if you have any questions, please comment down below if you can’t find it. But all the information that you need will be included in this post. The tuition fee of the undergraduate courses is listed here.

Also known as applying for the 5th year, the admission materials are listed in the link above. Looked at the application requirements and the admission requirements very carefully and make sure that you match every requirement before applying.

Also, look at the additional information for international students for additional requirements, and the tuition fee for the master’s program is listed here.

After obtaining your Master’s degree, the next step is going for the doctorate title. KPI offers various programs for Ph.D.’s and DSC’s (Doctorate in Science). The link above contains various entrance examinations that you have to take and pass in order to get into the doctorate program.

Be sure to check out all the requirements before deciding to apply for doctorate admission.

  • Additional Information for International Students

The conditions of entry of preparatory department courses, undergraduate courses, and graduate courses are listed in this link, and another definition of conditions of entry is called the application requirement.

2. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Under the provisions of many Ukranian presidents, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is a growing university that is backed up various financial supports. After increasing their renown at a national level, this university is continuing to increase their number of international students by offering Russian and Ukranian language courses to foreign students.

Taras Shevchenko National University is regarded highly for their scientific research, and their science faculty is very famous among the experts in their field. Also, one of the main reasons that their university is famous is their low tuition. Their emphasis on medicine has lowered their tuition, and this university continues to offer a great education at a cheap price.

The link above shows the process of how to apply, and after reading that information, you can apply online by using this link. Make sure to view all the courses and requirements before you apply online. Since this university offers low tuition, there is no scholarship link for this university, and you can check the tuition rates by clicking on this link.

The process of admission is the same for undergraduate as well as for graduate students. You can apply online at this linkand you can check out the tuition rates at this link.

  • Additional Information for International Students

Additional requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs are listed in this link.

Conclusion: New Countries, New Programs

As posted above, the country of Ukraine has programs for pre-university courses, and even better, I think these courses were created for the benefit of international students. If you really don’t know Ukranian or Russian, you can learn them at the cheapest universities in Ukraine since they are already offering language courses for international students.

Don’t forget this wonderful opportunity, and use this information for your advantage! I hoped this helped, and have a great day.