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Famous for their consumption of pork and other delicious foods, the country of Denmark has been a great place to visit for tourists. Not only does the country of Denmark contains great places to eat, but it also has many great universities for international students. Let’s get into the seven cheapest universities in Denmark for international students.


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Top Universities in Denmark for International Students

1. University of Copenhagen

Ranked as number one university in the country of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen is famous for their research fields, and their graduates have obtained several Nobel prizes for their achievements. Because of their international students, there is a high number of courses that are offered in English. Since that change, the number of exchange students from international countries is increasing year by year.

Since there are so many fields for undergraduate courses, you need to contact one of the six main faculties for the specific amount of tuition fee. To view the faculties and all the courses, please click on this link.

The link above contains the general information about the tuition amount for masters programs. To view all the courses for masters programs, please click on this link.

The link above contains the information about fees for students, and the best way to take the Ph.D. courses is to apply for scholarships which will pay for your courses and you will also receive a work-study job.


2. Aarhus University

Boasting of its placement among the top 100 universities in the world, Aarhus University is a public university that is taught by teachers who are actively involved in research. Because of their active research, the students of Aarhus University is influenced by this research-oriented environment, and their graduates are taught the top-quality research techniques and methods.

The link above will lead you to a website with different sections. To view all the tuition fees, click on the annual tuition rates, and then click on the tuition rates for bachelor’s programs.

This is the same link as undergraduate tuition link, but rather click on the tuition rates for bachelor’s programs, click on the tuition rates for master’s programs to view all the specific tuition fees.

As already said, applying and getting accepted for doctoral programs is the same as getting accepted to a working position since the university will hire you to teach and to do research.


3. Technical University of Denmark

Founded by the father of electromagnetism (Orsted), the Technical University of Denmark continues to uphold his values by teaching natural and technical sciences to their students. Because of their strong emphasis on science, DTU is famous for their great education in those fields, and it continues to rank as one of the top technical universities in Europe.

Same as previous universities, DTU hires students from doctoral programs. If you get accepted, you will get paid and receive your education at the same time!


4. Aalborg University

More like a liberal arts college, Aalborg University has an interactive atmosphere that creates many interactions such as questions and answers between the students and professors. All the courses are taught so that graduates from Aalborg University adapt very quickly to their work environments. Aalborg University also houses many international students due to their various international partnerships with great universities around the world.


5. Copenhagen Business School

Having the largest size among the Danish schools, Copenhagen Business School is one of the largest business school in Europe, and CBS contains many international students due to their international programs and a diverse community. Even though it is a public university, CBS continues to education graduates and specialists to advance the business community in the private sector.

To find the tuition fee, you need to roll down to a section called rules, and you will find the tuition fees listed under that section.


6. University of Southern Denmark

Also ranked as one of the top universities in the world, the University of Southern Denmark is one of the youngest established universities in the world. Established in 1998, SDU offers various programs from five different faculties, and even though it is a young university, it still has a high reputation in their quality of teaching.


7. Roskilde University

Ranked as one of the last members among the top 100 universities, the Roskilde University offers many courses among their four departments. Teaching with a problem-oriented approach and always solving problems through cooperation and interaction with the teachers, the students at Roskilde University develop the skills they need in real-life situations.


Conclusion: Ph. D. = Pay

Many universities in the European countries almost always offer free education in doctoral programs. The main problem with this is getting accepted, and after you are accepted, you are paid to receive your education. This is a perk of doing doctoral studies at Europe, and please take advantage of these opportunities by applying!

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