7 Cheap Universities in Hungary for International Students

Hungary is a country with one of the oldest history in the world, and the Hungarian language reflects its ancient history since it is a direct descendant of the language spoken by the Huns. Many famous composers are Hungarian, and one of the well-known children’s toys (Rubik’s cube) has been invented in Hungary.

Like many of the countries in the North, Hungary is famous for the hot springs and spas, and the number of these luxuries amount up to 1,500 in the country of Hungary alone. Interestingly, there are a lot of Nobel prize winners in Hungary, and the country of Hungary is known for their consistency in winning gold medals in the Olympics.


Universities with Low Tuition for International Students

1. Semmelweis University

Established as the oldest medical school in Hungary, the Semmelweis University is one of many medical institutions that are established in Hungary, and it is an international-friendly university. Offering in three languages (Hungarian, German, and English), many international students do come to Semmelweis University to complete their medical studies, and the student body of Semmelweis is one third composed of international students.

The tuition links are for the school year 2019, and as time passes, comment down below to do an updated link soon.


2. Eötvös Loránd University

Because of its many accents and dots, I will refer to this university as ELTE. ELTE is known for their popularity, and ELTE is the most popular university in the country of Hungary. Like Semmelweis University, ELTE is extensively involved with international partnerships, and students from over 80 countries attend ELTE for their medical courses.

This is a tuition link to only one of the programs of ELTE. To find the tuition amount for your program, please search for your program at this link, and click on the admission information for tuition fees.

Same for undergraduates, you need to search your programs, and then, you can find your tuition fees by looking at the admission information.


3. University of Pécs

Competing with the best universities in the world, the University of Pecs is one of the renowned medical and law schools in the country. Offering over 55-degree courses for international students, University of Pecs is increasing their number of international students by accepting many researchers and exchange students from nearly 100 countries.


4. University of Szeged

Known as the SZTE, the University of Szeged is not only known as the top institution in the country of Hungary, but it is also known for its location. The city of Szeged is known for its festivals and parties, so many young people travel to this city. Consequently, this city is composed of young population, which is an ideal place to build a top-rate university.

This is only one example of many undergraduate programs so select your programs from this list, and get your exact tuition fee.


5. Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The main mission of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is to specialize students in the fields of information technology, and their emphasis is on the fields of sciences and economics. Because of their heavy involvement in science, their focus on research is increasing day by day. Preparing their students and also prepping the way for future graduates, BME is filled with advanced equipment and labs that specializes in research.


6. University of Debrecen

Offering nearly up to 25,000 courses, the University of Debrecen offers to nearly 100 bachelor programs and 100 masters programs. Composed of 14 faculties, the UB is one of the largest institutions that are in the country of Hungary today. Located in the city of Debrecen, this University is in the second largest city in Hungary, and Debrecen offers many festivals, parties, and amusement parks to the students of UB. k


7. Corvinus University of Budapest

Instead of teaching just in their own language, the Corvinus University of Budapest teaches in Hungarian, French, German, and English so that students coming from various countries still have the opportunities to study in their language. Unlike UB, the Corvinus University offers only 4 programs, and it is heavily involved in international cooperation such as Erasmus programs which leads to exchange students and international students coming to the Corvinus University of Budapest.

This links above will lead you to a website with various course selection of bachelor, masters, and Ph. D. In order to find the tuition fee, just click on the program that you are interested in and then scroll down until you find the tuition fee.


Conclusion: Competition Among Universities

Interestingly, almost all the universities in Hungary said that they were the oldest institution that was established in Hungary. Since I did not know which one to believe, I just said only the first one was the oldest, but the homepage of other universities said that they were the oldest institution. I guess this is one of the competitions among Hungarian universities, but that fact does not really matter in the college search.

Make sure your university is the one you like before you chose to apply. Good luck, and I will see you in the next post!


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