14 Best Scholarships for Women in STEM

//14 Best Scholarships for Women in STEM

Many female high school students consistently earn high test scores in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classes. However, only about 13% of women hold jobs in careers related to those subjects.

One reason for this disparity is that women are still typically paid less than men, and especially in STEM-related fields. Women might also face discrimination in the hiring process in such industries. In turn, many females leaving high school and entering college might be discouraged from pursuing secondary schooling in STEM-related fields, and even more so if they struggle with financing for their schooling!

To combat this inequality in the workforce, many organizations, universities, and private foundations have set up STEM scholarships for women, in particular, to encourage them to pursue studies in areas related to science, tech, various types of engineering, and all fields of mathematics. Some scholarships are also focused on minorities, especially Hispanics, to encourage them to pursue such schooling as well. If you’re a woman interested in any STEM-related career, check out the scholarships available to you in particular and for minority groups that include women, to ensure you pursue every opportunity for funding and for your studies!


1. Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Program

Women looking to study various types of engineering, as well as computer sciences, in particular, might be eligible for the Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Program. The scholarship is awarded to over 200 college entrants every year, and grants are typically between $1000 and $1500. Many of the scholarships are also renewable.

The scholarship is for students at both the undergrad and graduate levels, with only one application needed for all the scholarships available. Note, there is a separate application for freshmen and then one for sophomores and those in higher grades. All recipients of the scholarship must choose a school that is ABET accredited.


2. The Payscale Women in STEM Scholarship

To encourage women to join STEM-related fields, including careers in science, math, all forms of engineering, and technology, Payscale offers their Women in STEM scholarship. There are two yearly awards or scholarships for female students, totaling $2000 each.

Applicants to the Payscale Women in STEM Scholarship must choose a STEM-related major and the scholarship is available for undergrad and graduate students. Applicants must be attending or planning to attend an accredited college and they are expected to submit an essay of up to 500 words with their application, based on a subject selected by Payscale.


Smaller Scholarships for Women in STEM

There are other, lesser-known scholarships for women and minorities in STEM-related fields, some of which have a low payout while others are very lucrative. Consider a few options you might pursue:

  1. The STEM Inclusion Scholarship is a bit low, at only $500 per grant, but very few students apply for this scholarship so that every applicant’s chance of approval is quite high.
  2. Women enrolled in an accredited STEM-related school and field of study can apply for a $2000 scholarship through the Best Value Schools grant. The grant is awarded twice per year. I highly encourage you to apply to this stem scholarship for women!
  3. Female students in STEM-related studies at the University of Maryland can apply for a scholarship through their Center for Women in Technology. The scholarship gives preference to those pursuing computer science or various engineering degrees in particular, and some scholarships provide full tuition coverage so students can graduate debt-free.
  4. Also a bit low, at only $500, the Girls in STEM Scholarship Award is provided for students studying in STEM-related fields at any accredited university or institution.
  5. Offering a full $10,000 to undergrad female students, the Vanguard Women in Information Technology includes a preference to women pursuing studies in computer science, computer engineering, web design, and other such IT-related fields.
  6. A developer of mobile apps, the BHW Group and their BHW Women in STEM Academic Scholarship awards a full $3000 to women pursuing some type of undergrad or graduate course in a STEM-related field. Applicants are expected to submit a 500 to 800-word essay on the subject of a mobile app that has made a difference in their lives, or about the features they use consistently in a specific mobile app so that the scholarship board can determine how well they understand the use of mobile apps on the market today.
  7. Female undergrad students in fields of math, science, or engineering might apply for The Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship. Applicants must be enrolled at a full-time, accredited college, and the scholarship total is $1250 per recipient.
  8. The MUST program through NASA offers scholarships for minorities pursuing studies in STEM-related fields, with a special focus on women and those with Hispanic roots. Recipients have part of their tuition paid for a single year.
  9. The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Foundation Scholarship also grants minority students of either gender a scholarship of between $1000 and $5000. Applicants must enroll at an accredited college or university fulltime and must be pursuing a course of study in a STEM-related degree program. Definitely consider applying to this stem scholarship for women.
  10. The HENAAC Scholars Program provides a full $10,000 scholarship for students of either gender who are studying for a STEM-related degree in an accredited school. To be eligible for the scholarship, the student must maintain at least a GPA of 3.0 and show excellent leadership qualities and abilities. The scholarship program also requires applicants to be active within their community and gives preference to those volunteering or otherwise improving a Hispanic community in particular.
  11. The Microsoft Scholarship Program provides various scholarships to minorities pursuing STEM-related studies; the program gives preference to women and Hispanics in particular. The program chooses applicants based on academic merit in STEM-related fields as well as those with strong leadership qualities. The program is also needs-based so students must demonstrate a financial need or hardship. The scholarship is available for undergrad students only.
  12. The NAVSEA Scholars Program focuses on Hispanic students of either gender, offering grants for those pursuing studies in STEM-related fields. Applicants are required to be studying fulltime at an accredited college, and specifically at an institution serving the Hispanic community.


If you are a woman pursuing a STEM degree or are already in a STEM field, I highly encourage you to apply to these STEM scholarships for women. I hope that this article was informative, and good luck on getting a scholarship! If you are interested, I highly suggest going to Interesting Scholarships Category to find some weird and interesting scholarships!