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If one of your dreams is studying in Europe, there is a small country that you should definitely consider: Luxembourg. This country is a just little dot in the map located between France, Germany, and Belgium, with a population of only 602,005 people. However, it is a multicultural and multilingual nation where half of the population is made of foreigners!

If its society is so varied, we can guarantee that universities warmly welcome international students from all over the world. In this article, we will be discussing cheap and free universities in Luxembourg for international students.

Although Luxembourg has the charm and architecture of a European old town, it is actually a very modern country with one of the best economies in the world.

According to the World Bank (2018), Luxembourg is the second country with the highest GDP per capita. It has modern and quality public transportation and healthcare systems.

Actually, public transportation is free for university students, and it is expected to be free for all in March 2020.

As it is a small country, Luxembourg does not have many universities. Some could think this is a downside, but they actually receive a lot of international students each year. The main university is the University of Luxembourg. It is the only public university in the country, and half of its students are international students.

There are a couple of private universities. However, the majority of them are satellite campuses of American Universities, like the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg.

Therefore, tuition fees are just as expensive as in the U.S., and you’ll have to budget around $30,000 if you want to enroll there. And we are only talking about tuition. That’s not exactly cheap, right?

There are other private institutes that specialize in one field, like business administration or healthcare, but they aren’t accredited to grant undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

They only offer technician certificates, which are meant to offer professional or vocational education to those who want to enter the job market faster, or to complement the education of those who are already professionals.

Living costs here are higher if you compare it to other European countries, but it is still cheaper than cities like New York or London. If you want to rent a private one-bedroom apartment in the city center, monthly rent is of around $1,500. However, universities often have dormitories, and you always have the option of splitting rent with a friend or renting in the outdoors, where prices drop considerably.

For those who want to complete their higher education in Luxembourg, we made a list of cheap universities in Luxembourg that grant undergraduate and graduate degrees. But before we jump into the list, we compiled some important aspects you need to know about higher education in this small country.

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What do I need to study at a university in Luxembourg as an international student?

In general, the admissions process in Luxembourg universities is simple. Students have to fill an online application, gather the required documents, sent everything, and wait for the decision of the university. However, the process has a few extra steps for international students.

Before applying, you have to ask the Ministry of State Education to recognize your secondary leaving school certificate. This process costs between 75 EUR and 125 EUR (around $85 and $140) depending on your country and secondary school. If your diploma is not recognized by the Ministry, you’ll have to take and pass an admission exam in order to enroll.

One of the reasons why Luxembourg is known as a multilingual country is the fact that they don’t have just one official language but three, which are French, German, and Luxembourgish. Education is trilingual and when completing secondary education, citizens already know these three languages plus English. This makes it a perfect country for those who are language enthusiasts or that want to expand their horizons.

The situation at universities is similar, but if you know English, you probably won’t have any problem as there are programs that are completely taught in English.

However, there are others that combine English with French or German, and in order to take them, you have to prove your language proficiency. Universities also have language courses for those who want to take those programs but don’t know French or German, or want to improve their level.

Cheap Universities in Luxembourg

1. University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg was founded in 2003. It is a free multilingual public university in Luxembourg with bilingual and multilingual programs. It had the 17th place in the Young University Rankings.

6,366 students from all over the world are educated here. In fact, 54% are international students. It has three faculties which are of Science, Technology, and Communication (FSTC); Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education (FLSHASE); and Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF).

It also has 3 interdisciplinary centers and offers 12 bachelor degree programs, and 42 postgraduate degree programs. These programs are taught in French and English or in French and German, but there are some that are completely taught in English. They also have vocational training programs.

Another aspect that proves the multicultural nature of this institution is that bachelor students are required to spend at least one semester abroad in order to graduate. That’s why they are affiliated with over 350 universities around the world.

The application process is done online. International students have to ask for recognition of their secondary education diplomas. If not recognized, they have to take an admission test. Check their admissions section to learn more!

International students don’t have to pay additional fees. They are asked to pay the same amounts as domestic students. During the first and second semesters, students have to pay a semester fee of 400 EUR (around $450) each semester. For the rest of the career, they have to pay 200 EUR (around $225) each semester. So, the tuition at the University of Luxembourg is free, and students are only required to pay a small fee every semester.

They also have 35 student residence halls available. Rent of furnished single rooms goes from 365 EUR to 455 EUR (between $410 and $510). Rent of furnished studio apartments goes from 695 EUR to 1050 EUR (between $780 and $1200). Visit their accommodation section for more information!

2. The International University of Health, Exercise and Sports (LUNEX University)

LUNEX University is a private university that is focused on the well being of people through therapy and sports. It was established in 2016 so facilities and curriculums are modern and up-to-date. This university is one of the cheap universities in Luxembourg.

They offer bachelor and master degree programs. The bachelor degree programs last for three years and are available in Physiotherapy, Exercise and Sports Sciences, and International Sport Management. The master degree programs last for two years and are available in Physiotherapy and Sport and Exercise Science.

All programs are taught in English. Bachelor students must complete a foundation semester in which they will receive adequate preparation to start their education.

Applications are done online. After finishing the foundation semester, students also have to take a test in order to be admitted into the program they chose. Tuition fees are paid monthly and will depend on the career. Students also have to pay a registration fee.

Tuition fees for the bachelor programs go from 600 EUR per month to 750 EUR and registration fees are of 550 EUR. This would be between 3,600 EUR and 4,500 EUR (between $4,050 and $5,050) per semester plus the one-time registration fee of 550 EUR (around $620). Check their website to learn more about each program and check the exact fees for each career.

I hope that this article on cheap and free universities in Luxembourg was helpful. If you are interested, visit the cheap tuition and free universities category!