3 Steps to Study Nursing in Australia for International Students

//3 Steps to Study Nursing in Australia for International Students

Every year, millions of young people around the world enroll at universities and colleges to pursue a degree in this field. With a more than 25-percent growth in the healthcare sector, Australia has become one of the most attractive destinations to study nursing. Australia-trained nurses and midwives are in great demand around the globe.

If you have decided to study nursing in Australia, there are three major directions to pursue a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in registered nurse in hospitals and medical centers, a registered nurse caring for elderly people, and nurse practitioner.

Young people who wish to qualify as midwives in Australia can do so only after earning a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. After that, they can complete postgraduate training in midwifery and become licensed midwives.


How to Study Nursing in Australia

1. General Requirements

Below are the general requirements you have to meet in order to begin your studies in nursing in Australia. They have to be fulfilled before the application process can begin.

English Language Competency

Candidates who are not native English speakers are required to provide evidence of competency in the English language that enables them to carry out academic studies in Australia. Two of the most widely accepted international exams for undergraduate university candidates are TOEFL and IELTS.


Secondary Education Diploma

In order to enroll in an undergraduate program in nursing in Australia, you have to present a translated and apostilled secondary education diploma that is recognized by the Australian authorities.

Please keep in mind that Australia is a vast country and its different states and territories may have different local legislation regarding nursing qualification and practice. Also, different universities may have different admission requirements regarding your average GPA (the average score of all your high school finals).


Health Insurance

Before you arrive in Australia, you’ve got to have a valid Overseas Student Health Cover. The policy covers most of your medical expenses during the period of your studies and can be extended to cover a family member who is accompanying you.

Under the Australian legislation, you are obliged to maintain a valid OSHC for the period of your undergraduate program, or else your student visa may be cancelled. There are different insurance brokers you can purchase a OSHC from, so you will need to do some preliminary research.


2. Visa Requirements

A student visa for Australia costs AUD 620 and applications are usually processed within a month. There are several important things to remember if you are planning to apply for a student visa.

Before you apply, you must be admitted to study full-time at an Australian university. You should also produce evidence that you have sufficient funds to finance your studies. Visa is required if you want to study nursing in Australia.

  • You cannot change your course of study without the permission of the education minister
  • Your visa is valid as long as you are enrolled in a full-time university program, if you drop out, the visa is automatically cancelled.
  • If you get in trouble with the law in any way, your visa may be cancelled and you may be expelled from Australia.


3. The Application Process

The application process gets a bit complicated by the fact that you’ve got to apply both to the universities you have chosen and to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs for a visa.

If we assume you have already decided to pursue an undergraduate diploma in nursing in Australia, as a second step you’ve got to choose a particular university. Each school may have different application requirements and fees. Once you have chosen a school, you should file your application.

If you are admitted to study nursing at a particular university, you will receive the so-called Letter of Offer, which you’ve got to accept.

Upon accepting their enrollment offer, you will receive and electronic Confirmation of Enrollment, which you need so as to apply for a student visa.


Top 3 Universities to Study Nursing at in Australia

Below I will highlight the top three universities for nursing in Australia and list in broad outlines the specific admission requirements that each one may have.


1. University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) enrolls more than a thousand international undergraduate students every year, and you can be one of them!

UTS has more than 40,000 students coming from 120 different countries around the world. The average admission GPA is 2.5 out of 4 for US applicants and an average grade of C on the European ECTS.

So as to study nursing, you’ve got to file English language test results as follows: IELTS – 6 or higher; TOEFL 80-90 for internet version and over 550 for the paper version. The application fee is in the amount of AUD 100, non-refundable. The tuition fee for international undergraduate students on a full-time undergraduate program in nursing is $36,000 a year.


2. University of Sydney

Latest rankings rate the University of Sydney as the second-best university in Australia and the 52nd best university in the world.

This university offers several full-time undergraduate programs in nursing to international students. Let us take a Bachelor of Science and Master of Nursing, for example.

To apply, you’ve got to submit evidence of proficiency in English as follows: TOEFL IBT: over 90; ELTS: 7. US students can apply with their SAT scores. The latest average admission score is over 1,200. The admission fees for international students may vary depending on the selected program. If you want to study nursing in Australia, University of Sydney is a solid choice.


3.  Monash University

Monash University’s undergraduate program in nursing offers comprehensive training in the fields of clinical and emergency care, mental care, elderly patients care, etc. Overall, Monash is one of the best places in the world to earn a degree in nursing.

They have set up their virtual hospital called the Clinical Learning Environment (CLE), where nursing students can practice and improve their skills before going to a real hospital with real patients.

The program duration is 3 years and the fee for international students is $33,000 a year. The minimum English language proficiency requirements for admission to Monash University are IELTS – 7 or higher; TOEFL (Internet-based) – 90 or higher.


I hope that this article on how to study nursing in Australia was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Australia Scholarships Page!