8 Best Universities in Sweden for International Students

//8 Best Universities in Sweden for International Students

Sweden is among the most beautiful countries in Europe. The country is steeped in rich history and authentic culture. From the birthplace of one of the largest empires in the continent to the home of the Nobel prize, Sweden offers a competitive, enriching, and diverse atmosphere for its students, particularly those of foreign origin. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Sweden for international students.

One of the strongest qualities of Sweden is the society’s promotion of diversity, equality, and inclusiveness – in fact, the country has frequently been referred to as ‘the most equal country in the world’. The country is also home to world-class multinational organizations including IKEA, H&M, AstraZeneca, Volvo, and Ericsson, which means that students have access to a clear career ladder with ample work opportunities. Added to that, the country has high wealth equality, publically funded healthcare, and a technologically profound education system. Combined with the striking beauty of Northern Europe, it comes as no surprise that Sweden holds a high appeal for prospective students who wish to pursue their higher studies here.

In this article, we examine a few of the most suitable universities in Sweden that are best suited for international students. A noteworthy feature of Swedish universities is that while the majority of universities offer less undergraduate education in English, postgraduate students have easier access to more courses that are taught in English.


Top Universities in Sweden for International Students

1. Karolinska Institutet

Perhaps known for being the top most university in Sweden, the Karolinska Institutet is a public research university with a strong emphasis on the medical sciences. Established in 1810, the university is located in the Solna municipality of Stockholm. It is widely acclaimed for being one of the most reputed medical schools in the entire world. The best way of proving this is the fact that the Karolinska Institute is what annually awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine! With its medical science focus, the university offers a diverse range of educational courses, of which multiple include clinical training. Of the 7000+ student population, approximately over 1,000 are foreign students who hail from countries outside of Sweden. International students at the institute have access to Global Bachelors and Masters programs. Exchange programs are also operated by the institute in collaboration with partner universities.



2. Uppsala University

Located in Sweden’s fourth largest city of Uppsala, the Uppsala University is a public research university. It was founded in 1477 and is the oldest university in the country. With its timeless history, the university has eventually grown to become one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the world. The university has a current student community of 45,000+ students with a strikingly high foreign student population as well. A large proportion of the students continue to study in research programs as opposed to undergraduate Bachelors. The institution’s location in the city of Uppsala could not be more convenient; Uppsala has a high reputation and influence on Swedish identity and culture as well as its position in politics, literature and Swedish history. Therefore, international students have access to the heart of the country during their study period at this university which is considered to be unparalleled in comparison to other universities in the nation. Added to this, the university has a highly active students union so students have countless extra-curricular opportunities in store for them. You should definitely apply to this university in Sweden that welcomes international students!



3. Lund University

The Lund University is a public research institution of higher education that was established in 1666 and is among the oldest institutions in Europe. It is located in Lund in the southern most province of Sweden. With a student population that exceeds 42,000, the university operates through 8 major faculties. Collectively, it offers around 270 academic programs and well over 2000 courses of study. Additionally, around 100 international Masters programs are provided. In order to benefit international students further, a large proportion of the university’s courses are taught in English. In addition to being a member of the League of European Research Universities, the university maintains partnerships with over 600 different overseas universities and offers the benefit of multiple student exchange programs. 9 out of 20 most coveted courses in the country are offered by this institution. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Lund University is consistently ranked among the most influential and prestigious universities in the country as well as among the top 100-150 universities in the world (ARWU World rankings).



4. Stockholm University

Stockholm University is a public research university based in Sweden’s capital. Founded in 1878, the university’s preliminary focus is on the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. It operates through four key faculties and 64 departments of study including humanities, law and the latter two mentioned before. The SU is widely regarded as one of the top 100 universities in the world (based on the ARWU rankings) and has a student community of 34,000. Collectively, around 200 Bachelors programs and over 75 English-taught Masters programs are offered by the university. Nearly 4,000 international students currently study at the SU. Because of this high population of international students, Stockholm University has a bunch of programs for its international students, and because of that, is considered to be one of the top institutions in Sweden for international students. Its location in Stockholm offers a wealth of opportunities and a calm yet enriching atmosphere to pursue further studies in; beautiful architecture, abundant culture, being rated as one of the safest cities in the world and the striking international music and food scene are among the key features that attract students to study at this prestigious university. Seeing as it is the birthplace of Spotify, IKEA and Skype, Stockholm’s status as a business hub is yet another reason why its innovative atmosphere can prove most beneficial to its students.



5. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The next one on our list of best universities in Sweden is the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Located in the capital of Stockholm, the KTH is a public research university that was established in 1827 and has a focus on providing education in technology and engineering. It is among the most highly ranked institutions of technology in Europe and is widely regarded as the center that produces the best Chief Executive Officers (after the CEOs who graduated and went onto working at the Stockholm Stock Exchange). The university is divided into 5 campuses across the city, each of which hold their own autonomy and manage different faculties or departments. Although only one Bachelors program is taught in English, the institution offers over 70 different Masters programs which are English-based so as to be more accommodating towards international students. Since its inception, the KTH has been committed towards resolving global challenges through high profile research. It is part of a global network of research institutions and trains its students to become leaders in the making of a sustainable future. In addition to this, with its location in the country’s university capital of Stockholm, KTH offers collaborations with Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University which complement each other and offer a strong potential education environment for its students.



6. Chalmers University of Technology

Located in the country’s second-largest city of Gothenburg, the Chalmers University of Technology is another example of an institution of higher education with a focus on engineering and technology. Additional and more unique areas of education offered by the university include architecture, management, and maritime studies. The CUT was founded in 1829 as a private college with means of improving the industrial education of Swedish students. Since then, it has grown to become a world-class institution of higher education that currently provides an academic environment to over 10,000 students in total. As of now, the university offers a multitude of Bachelors, Masters and doctoral degrees. Almost all Masters programs are taught in English. In order to improve accommodation for international students, the CUT also includes an international week and other activities throughout the year so as to give a true taste of the atmosphere and Swedish culture to the students.



7. University of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg is a public university located in the city of Gothenburg. With a student population of over 35,000, it is among the largest universities in the region of Europe. Academically, the university is divided into 8 major faculties and around 38 departments of study, through which a wide range of Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs are offered. Of these, around 100 undergraduate courses and 200 postgraduate courses are offered in English, and because of that, the University of Gothenburg is considered to be one of the top universities in Sweden for international students to study in. The university further declares several reasons that separate it from the average institution; active learning is encouraged so as to enable students to interact and engage more with their studies. An interdisciplinary approach is established so different fields of study influence each other. The university’s location in the heart of Gothenburg gives an exciting atmosphere for international students. Gothenburg is also considered to be the heart of Scandinavia and provides close travel links to other prominent cities in Europe such as Copenhagen, Oslo, Rome, Berlin, and Barcelona.


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