15 Best Medical Schools in Australia

//15 Best Medical Schools in Australia

Since 2000, there has been a rapid expansion in the sector of medical education and training in Australia, including in the more impoverished mainland. Australian medics have been in high demand all over the world, mainly for their versatile skills and comprehensive training.


Best Medical Schools in Australia

1. Melbourne Medical School

This medical school provides graduate and undergraduate programs in Clinical Pathology, Medical Education, Radiology, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgery and Rural Health.

Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSci) is their most popular program for undergraduate students. This is a one year-program available to students who’ve completed the five semesters of the more general Bachelor of Medicine program.

The current tuition fee for the program is over AUD 60,000, and the admission criteria are very high. Regarding the English language competency, applicants are required to have an IELTS score above 7.


2. Sydney Medical School

Many international students come to Sydney to earn an undergraduate degree in medicine and health every year. This medical school in Australia offers a wide range of undergraduate courses and programs such as Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Oral Health, and Bachelor of Nursing, etc. Each program has specific admission requirements and criteria.

All of their undergraduate programs provide the students with solid understanding of general health and healthcare practices, thus enabling them to choose a particular specialization area.


3. Monash School of Medicine

The school accepts more than seventy undergraduate international students every year to study in their medicine program at Clayton campus. All international applicants pay the full tuition fee and are expected to self-finance all other expenses that may arise in the course of training.

In order to earn an invitation for an interview, candidates have to score at least 170 on the International Student Admissions Test (ISAT). This is the SAT equivalent for medicine students. To prove their English language competency, all applicants are required to produce IELTS results of at least 7 and Internet-based TOEFL of over 90.


 4. Queensland Medical School

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Queensland offers a wide range of undergraduate programs in the field of health, with the most popular and comprehensive one being a Bachelor of Health Science. During the three years of the program, the students receive a solid background in psychology and nutrition, biomedicine, healthcare ethics, and public health. The current tuition fee is about AUD 40,000 at this medical school in Australia.


5. University of New South Wales Medical School

Many international students come to Australia every year to start the Undergraduate Medicine Program of the UNSW Medical School. The program includes hands-on training in hospital wards from the very first year because medical practice is even more important than theoretical preparation.

Many international students also choose the Exercise Physiology Program, which gives them solid knowledge and practical experience in the field of chronic disease and injury management and prevention. Those interested in community health and wellbeing can pursue an undergraduate degree in the Bachelor of International Health Program.


6. Western Sydney University School of Medicine

This medical school opened in 2007. Since then, more than 600 students have earned a degree in one of their graduate or undergraduate programs. One of the school’s most popular undergraduate programs is Bachelor of Medical Science, which prepares students for a wide range of laboratory jobs. During the first year, all students are provided with free digital textbooks, which significantly reduces their total cost of attendance.


7.  University of Newcastle School of Medicine and Public Health

The School of Medicine and Public Health is the largest medical school within the university’s Faculty of Health and Medicine.  One of the school’s most popular undergraduate programs is the Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

The program’s duration is 3 years, and its focus is shared between medical practice and research. The students learn in-depth about the human body’s structure and functions. The students who successfully complete the program are trained to solve various medical and biological challenges. The annual tuition fees for international undergraduate students vary, depending on the courses they choose to complete the program. The average cost of a course is about AUD 8,000.


8. Bond University Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine

This is the most famous medical school on Australia’s Gold Coast. The undergraduate students at their Medical and Biomedical Sciences programs benefit from small classes, excellent student-to-faculty ratio, and premium educational technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality and 3-D printers.

Bond university’s Medical Program is preferred for its intensive two-stage training, which allows the students to start practicing as doctors in Australia and New Zealand in just over four-and-a-half years.

The first stage is a The Bachelor of Medicine program that takes 2 years and 8 months to complete, followed by a 2-year Doctor of Medicine program.


9. James Cook University School of Medicine and Dentistry

Located in Townsville, Queensland, the School of Medicine and Dentistry with the James Cook University focuses on community healthcare services.

This is your medical school in Australia if you are fascinated by the perspective of providing vital healthcare services to small island communities and communities of aboriginal people. The medical program is aimed at triggering a positive change, regarding the access to quality healthcare in Tropical Australia.


10. Public Health University of New England School of Rural Medicine

Located in Armidale, New South Wales, this medical school provides two major directions of study: Medicine and Pharmacy. If you opt for the former, they will give you a “truly rural experience”, with the training being focused on the skills you will need to care for patients in Australia’s remote rural areas.

Their medical program promotes Problem-Based Learning, which means that all of the courses teach you how to tackle a specific problem or set of problems, related to rural area healthcare.


11. Curtin Medical School

Located in Bentley, Western Australia, this school provides the only medical program in this part of Australia, in which you can enroll immediately after high school. The program’s duration is 5 years.

The focus of the program is on primary care, which is in great demand in Australia’s rural areas. Before the program’s start, students are required to obtain entry permits to some of Australia’s indigenous rural areas, where they will be working with patients.


12. University of Tasmania School of Medicine

The School of Medicine with the University of Tasmania was established back in 1965 to meet the healthcare needs of the local communities. The school offers many different programs to undergraduate students with one of the most popular being Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery.

This is a single, 5-year program that provides students with core knowledge of the human body and its functions, as well as with invaluable practical healthcare experience. Tasmania is home to some of the rarest and most endangered species on Earth. Therefore, all international students are required to pass strict medical tests before being given clearance to go there and begin their studies.


13. University of Adelaide Medical School

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, this medical school in Australia offers a number of different undergraduate programs in the field of medicine.

The most popular one is their Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Program, which trains the participants to become GPs, general surgeons, or epidemiologists. The admission criteria for international students include a 7 or higher IELTS score, SAT above 1410, and TOEFL of over 90. The annual tuition fee for international students is $76,000.


14. Australian National University Medical School

The ANU Medical School is one of the most popular medical schools in Australia. All of their programs are so designed to challenge the students’ analytical skills and teach them to think creatively. Thus, one day they will become highly successful doctors and medical professionals.

All international undergraduate students who would like to pursue a degree in general medicine at this school are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree from an internationally-recognized institution. You cannot enter the program immediately after high school.


15. University of Notre Dame School of Medicine

All medicine programs at that school are post-graduate, meaning that the applicant should have an internationally-recognized Bachelor’s Degree. The duration of the most popular program, Doctor of Medicine, is four years.

The first two years of training lay the solid foundations of the students’ medical knowledge, while the second part of the program helps them choose a specialization. In the third year, the focus is on clinical practice, while the last year is dedicated to internship preparation and applied research.

In this article, 15 of the most popular medical schools in Australia were highlighted. They all feature comprehensive graduate and postgraduate programs in different areas of medicine and healthcare. All of these programs are available to international applicants as well.


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