How to Study in the Netherlands for Free

//How to Study in the Netherlands for Free

The Netherlands is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The culture is focused on taking care of the environment and achieving a good quality of life. Therefore, it’s a very attractive option for international students. However, the tuition fees can go from €6,000 to €15,000 for undergraduate degrees, making it a relatively expensive option. However, there are opportunities to make it more affordable for those interested. Here, we present you with some scholarships that, combined with these low tuition universities, might help you to study practically for free in the Netherlands.

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How to Study in the Netherlands for Free

Like stated above, you need to do the following to study in the Netherlands for free.

  1. Apply to the universities in the Netherlands, especially ones with low tuition fees
  2. Apply to scholarships listed below
  3. With the combination of these scholarships and universities with low tuition fees, you will be able to study in the Netherlands for free if you get these.

So, let’s get started.

Study in the Netherlands for Free with these scholarships:

1. Erasmus+

Thanks to this European exchange program, students from neighboring countries can head to the Netherlands with a scholarship that covers most of their expenses during their studies. If you get this scholarship, you will definitely be able to study in the Netherlands for free. The course you take can last for 3 to 12 months. This is a great aid considering that tuition and living expenses in the Netherlands can reach a hefty amount. Living expenses are estimated at €800 to €1100 per month.

2. Holland Scholarship

This opportunity is only available to studies that come from countries outside of the European Union. The goal of this scholarship is to promote further integration of cultures in the country. They do so by making an attractive offer to foreign students. This goes hand-in-hand with other strategies implemented to promote international applications. There are over 100,000 international students in the country right now.

This scholarship is sponsored by the government, more specifically, by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. Awardees will receive a one-time €5,000 grant during their first years of studies. Only students involved in full-time undergraduate or masters programs are eligible. This could represent a great aid for any aspiring students looking to study in Holland for free.

3. NN Future Matters Scholarship

This program is aimed at a specific population. Only students whose parents didn’t attend university are eligible. Furthermore, the scholarship is available for programs related to economics, the management or data science. Future Matters offers a grant of €5,000 as well as a mentor for the student that earns the scholarship. Only certain countries, like Hungary and the Czech Republic, are eligible. The grant is awarded in two installments and depending on your course, it will only cover part of your tuition fees.

4. Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme

Citizens from different countries are eligible for this opportunity. However, the amount of the scholarship provided varies depending on the course you’ll be taking as well as your country of origin. Some of the participating nations are Brazil, Russia, China, India, and Mexico. There’s an interesting particularity to this specific scholarship; it can be modified and tailored to some of the student’s needs as well as the needs of their home country.

In addition, the Netherlands has numerous bilateral agreements with different countries, including China and Indonesia. Therefore, it’s important to verify this information with your home country, to see if there are any opportunities thanks to a specific scholarship offered to your nation.

Another option to consider is working while you take your studies in the Netherlands. Unlike many other countries, the Netherlands only allows for 10 hours of work a week for students from outside the EEA, Switzerland, or the US. If you’re from any of the prior countries, you’re able to work for as many hours as you want. A positive thing is that, during the summer, students that are not from the EEA can work full-time jobs, which allows for significant savings for the upcoming semester.

Working or getting one of the aforementioned scholarships might not be enough to cover your full tuition and living expenses. This is why we have compiled some universities in the Netherlands with lower tuition fees. Some of them are:

Apply to these universities in the Netherlands

1. University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most famous cities in the Netherlands. With more bicycles than people in the city, transportation is very affordable for national and international students if they know how to ride a bike. Tuition at the University of Amsterdam depends on the career you’re pursuing. However, some programs offer bachelor degrees for fees as low as €8,000. This is very advantageous compared to other institutions in Europe.

2. Delft University of Technology

This university understands the modern world and it offers comprehensive courses, which can require the student to attend class or to take his classes online. This is an immense benefit for many students. However, the variety of programs is not that wide as the university is mainly focused on engineering programs. It’s the leading institution for technology in the country and it offers state of the art technology for any research projects proposed. This university has a higher tuition fee than the University of Amsterdam. However, Delft offers generous scholarships to students with an excellent academic background. These might cover not only the tuition fee but also the student’s living expenses.

3. Wageningen University And Research

This university is focused on food research and it’s considered one of the best in this specific area. The research and studies performed here are involved with the management of environmental resources as well as life sciences. With a strong international presence, students attending Wageningen represent over 100 different countries. Wageningen offers programs eligible for numerous scholarships, including the Holland scholarship and the Africa Scholarship Programme. Furthermore, there are certain agreements with specific countries, which might apply to you.

These are only some of the options regarding low tuition universities. Thanks to a combination of work, a good scholarship, and a low-tuition college, you might be able to cover all your expenses and your tuition fee. Education in the Netherlands is very high quality and making the effort to get into one of these prestigious institutions is very likely to be worth it. Thanks to the country’s numerous international agreements, odds are that you might be able to benefit from one of them. For additional information, look for specific opportunities you can apply to according to your nationality.

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