How to Study in Spain for Free

//How to Study in Spain for Free

Spain is a beautiful country with a rich culture and spectacular scenery wherever you go. From the busy lifestyle in the city of Madrid to beach escapades in Barcelona or Valencia, Spain is a place worth visiting. Pursuing your higher studies there might be one of the best experiences you’ll have. Furthermore, due to its great location, Spain is very close to many other countries you might be interested in visiting while you’re getting your degree.

Education is very highly valued in Spain. This is why there’s a wide assortment of option for both public and private universities. College in Spain is not free, but public institutions are very affordable compared to private ones and other colleges in Europe and around the world. We will go over the options on how to study in Spain for free.


How to Study in Spain for Free

  1. Apply to Scholarships in the Spanish University
  2. Apply to Scholarships outside the university
  3. With one or a combination of these scholarships, it is definitely possible to study in Spain for free!


Scholarships outside the University

1. Spanish Studies Abroad

There are two scholarships offered by this program, and these are great ways that you can study for free in Spain. The first one is the Merit-Based Program while the second is the Diversity Scholarship. In order to be eligible, students must show evidence of their passion for learning Spanish both in and out of the classroom. Only four scholarships for full semesters are awarded while five are given for summer courses. The amounts are $1,000 for a full semester and $500 for summer programs. This amounts might be enough to cover most of your tuition at many Spanish universities.


2. International Studies Abroad Diversity Scholarship:

This scholarship is rare because it offers options for any type of studies. This means that whether you’ll be heading to Spain for a month, a semester or a year, they have options that can fit the length of the course you’ll be taking. They offer opportunities in nine cities in Spain that include 15 universities. They evaluate the financial need of the student and they might provide up to $2,500 per student.


3. Fulbright Program

This program is well-known worldwide as it offers numerous scholarships to people from multiple nationalities to take one year of studies abroad. Spain is not an exception and students can benefit from this option thanks to the research grant as well as the English Assistant grant. This is a great way to study in Spain for free.


4. Barcelona Study Abroad Experience

The Barcelona SAE is a program focused on promoting affordable experiences to foreign students. They aim to bring international culture to the city as well as further positioning this beautiful place in the world. One of their main principles is that money shouldn’t be an impediment to get to know the world. This is why they offer numerous scholarships for students to go for a short period to take a course in Barcelona. American students must be receiving federal aid to pay for their tuition in the university they’re attending in their home country. Otherwise, they won’t be considered eligible.

Certain universities and institutes offer generous scholarships as well. These tend to be for more specific subjects. Therefore, it’ll depend on your interests if these scholarships are an option you might want to consider. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of options, from design to economics.


Scholarship Inside the University

1. Istituto Europeo Di Design Creactívate

This institute has numerous schools in Europe, including a campus in Spain. They call for a contest for students that wish to apply to the offered scholarship. Applicants must provide a design project, which can be related to fashion or visual communication among other areas. The winner of the contest gets the scholarship, which can cover the entire tuition fee for the institute. One very specific condition is that applicants must be older than 26 years of age.


2. University of Granada

This institution has a program called Athenea 3i. This program offers a generous grant for students interested in postgraduate research. The grant covers research in any area, from humanities to chemistry and mathematics, to name a few. You can definitely live off this scholarship and study in Spain for free by attending this university. The money must be used for both living expenses as well as to cover research costs.


3. Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia

This institute offers numerous programs for young scientists interested in pursuing further knowledge in bioengineering courses. The institute offers numerous scholarships every year. One of the most generous ones is its scholarship for their masters’ program.  An excellent academic background is required to be eligible for their monthly grant. Excellent command of the English language is also a requirement.


4. University of Barcelona

This public college is one of the most prestigious in Spain. This institution has a very low tuition fee. Furthermore, some of its schools offer certain scholarships every year. One of them is offered by the school of economics. They offer monthly stipends for postgraduate students interested in taking a teaching assistant position at the university. If economics is not your field, don’t discount this as an option as other schools offer similar opportunities but not every year.


These are only some of the many options to study in Spain for free. Thanks to the wide variety of universities all across the country, there’s a big number of scholarships available to international students. Considering the low tuition fees of public universities, scholarships might cover your full tuition and some of your living expenses. With the combination of scholarships outside and inside the university, you can study in Spain for free. Keep in mind that public universities are in very high demand and admission is extremely competitive for both national and international students.

Working while you’re studying is also an option. Like many other European countries, Spain allows international students on a visa to work for 20 hours a week. However, the process is not as straightforward as in other countries. Many employers prefer workers that are available full-time. Furthermore, employers have to do time-consuming legal procedures in order to be able to hire international students and they might choose not to. It’s not impossible to find a job so this might be a viable option. However, be advised that things might not be as easy if this is the main path you choose to pay for your studies in this country.


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