How to Study in Greece for Free

//How to Study in Greece for Free

If you want to study in the place were academia was born, then Greece is the place for you. This beautiful country is home to the famous Greek islands, which will allow you to enjoy your free time in a paradisiac setting. Furthermore, many of the more than 20 universities in Greece are located in the islands, making them even more attractive if you’re interested in cramming for your exams right next to the sea.

Is it costly to study in Greece? Not at all! Universities offer free undergraduate degrees for all students! This is one of the things that attract a high number of applicants every year. However, this doesn’t mean that is easy to get in. On the contrary, Greece requires its students to take entrance exams to select who will get access to this free education. This is part of the reason why there are numerous private institutes. There are also programs that prepare students for taking their college admissions’ tests.

Therefore, if you want to study for free in Greece and you’re pursuing a bachelor’s degree, what you first need to determine is which university is right for you. The most prestigious ones are located in the city of Athens but this doesn’t mean you can’t get a high-quality education at one of the institutions located on the islands.

You don’t need to learn Greek to pursue a degree here. Most courses are taught in both English or Greek. Therefore, by showing evidence of English proficiency – if you’re not a native from an English-speaking country- you’ll be able to study your academic program with no further issues. Nevertheless, it’s a requirement that you take Greek courses during your first year in the country. Furthermore, you’ll need to be able to prove that you have reached sufficiency in the language by the end of the year. It’s strongly recommended that you take Greek courses before heading to the Greece, that way you’ll have a head start in the process.

One thing you will need is a student visa. To get one is necessary that you show you have enough funds to cover your living expenses while in the country. While numerous universities offer on-campus accommodation, there are also private options you can pursue. If you’re not able to cover your living expenses –estimated at €800 per month- some scholarships might make things easier for you.

An important note is that students in Greece often receive more than one scholarship. This is generally allowed, especially in the case of postgraduate students. Although undergraduate studies are free in this country, postgraduate studies are not.


Great Ways to Study in Greece for Free

1. Hellenic Scholarship Program For Foreign Students from Developing Countries

This is one of the most generous scholarships awarded in Greece, and you definitely should consider this if you want to study in Greece for free. It covers meals and any materials needed for your studies. Furthermore, the scholarship includes a €600 stipend awarded once a month. This means that applicants that earn this scholarship will be able to pay for rent and cover any extra expenses. Furthermore, the scholarship can also cover travel expenses to get to Greek as well as to leave the country. Additionally, if you wish to take Greek courses, you can do so for free. In case you’re pursuing a master’s or doctorate, this scholarship might also cover your tuition fee.


2. Alexander S. Onassis foundation – Foreigner’s Fellowship Program

Some of the students that might have a higher difficulty affording their studies in Greece are graduate students. However, there are scholarships available to them as well. The Onassis Foundation offers one of them and it’s directed towards master and doctorate applicants. If you want to study in Greece for free, you should definitely  consider this option. There are certain conditions, including that the student in question has no Greek roots. Furthermore, they must be interested in social sciences, humanities or arts. Finally, this scholarship will help the student with their research project, be it a master or a doctorate thesis.


3. Rotary International

This grant is available to you for almost all countries in the world. Greece is on that list and the awards given by this organization are extremely generous. They have two types of scholarships; the first is the Ambassador Scholarships. Students interested in this one must show that they hold the Rotary’s values at heart. They’re eligible for grants that tend to be around $26,000. The best way to find out if you can apply to this financial aid is finding out at your local Rotary club.

The second option is the Global Grant. This one is specifically offered to people interested in areas such as education and medicine. At Rotary, they strongly believe in the development of society, and this is why people interested in working in developing countries are eligible for this grant. It can cover amounts estimated at $30,000. This could include a student’s entire tuition as well as other expenses.


4. Local Scholarships

Your government might offer many scholarships that could help you cover your living expenses if you’re an undergraduate in Greece. Some of these are the David L. Boren Scholarships as well as fellowships offered by the Archeological Institute of America, both offered in the United States. Thanks to Greece’s free tuition, scholarships that you might have discarded as insufficient might be more than enough for covering the cost of living in this beautiful country.


Greece is a great destination for international students. Most universities have a set number of places for foreigners, which makes admission a highly competitive process. Therefore, it’s important to be able to prove an excellent academic record as well as a disposition to learn the language and immerse yourself in the culture. Furthermore, a demonstration of financial need might get you a long way in getting a scholarship that might cover expenses beyond tuition. Graduate students should aim for a scholarship to afford both tuition and life in Greece.

Numerous universities offer free meals and room to studies that show they’re unable to pay for it. Together with a scholarship, this might be the best combination for your studies in Greece.


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