7 Cheapest Universities in London for International Students

//7 Cheapest Universities in London for International Students

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The city of London is riddled with history and culture, making it a popular destination for tourist travel and for students studying abroad. While London is somewhat notorious for being expensive from the price of food and coffee to the rent, international students seeking affordable opportunities to study abroad will find the following universities may have just what they are looking for:


Cheap Universities in London

1. Coventry University, London

  • International Undergraduate Tuition = £12,924

Coventry University is a larger school situated in the financial district, meaning that the university is not far from some of the city’s best spots for food and entertainment. While the University’s main campus is located in Coventry, England, its London campus offers a more tailored international student experience. In fact, the campus was founded in 2010 with the purpose of fostering and catering to a higher population of international students. This makes the London campus a popular option for out-of-towners. The majority of the student body consists of undergraduates, though the school does offer graduate programs. The university’s proximity to the Liverpool Street Station, the Spitalfields Arts Market, and the Finsbury Circus Gardens ensures that new students will have plenty to see in their time at Coventry University. Also, great news about Coventry University is that it is one of the cheapest universities in London!


2. Ulster University

  • International Undergraduate Tuition = £14,060

While Ulster University’s main campus is located in Ireland, its London campus offers its students a unique experience in the city of Holborn. Students can grab a bite to eat or do some shopping in Covent Garden before heading to the Royal Opera House. There are also several beautiful churches and museums in the area, including the Charles Dickens Museum. One great resource, Ulster’s Student Union, connects students with both on-campus and off-campus activities, offers stress management help, and can connect students with volunteer opportunities. Ulster University emphasizes community, so students here will feel right at home.


3. Ravensbourne University

  • International Undergraduate tuition = £14,500

Next on our list of cheap universities in London is Ravensbourne University. This is a design school, so students here can study anything from fashion to animation to music production. Student clubs like Fencing and Film Club ensure that there is always something to do. The university is situated in the Greenwich Peninsula, meaning it isn’t far from the O2 Arena which hosts live music events. On the nearby Thames, students often take advantage of sunny days by renting kayaks and paddling down the river.


4. University College, London

  • International Undergraduate Tuition = Varies by Program, £18,430 – £34,660

At University College, London, the international fee varies by program. Students hoping to study education will have the lowest fee while students pursuing medicine will have the highest. Students interested in studying the humanities are in luck, because these programs are also on the more affordable end of the spectrum. The University College, London is located in the district of Bloomsbury, meaning students here are absolutely surrounded by culture and history. Students can easily walk or bus to any of the numerous unique, local museums including Pollock’s Toy Museum, the Grant Museum of Zoology, and the Foundling Museum. The city is also home of the well-known publishing house Bloomsbury Publishing, which is perhaps best-known for publishing the Harry Potter series.


5. University of West London

  • International Undergraduate Tuition = Varies by Program, approx. £12,500

Like many other London universities, the international fee varies by program. Popular programs like Business and English/Creative Writing have a fee of £12,500, which makes the University of West London one of the cheap universities in London. Also, it offers world-class facilities like a flight simulator, hospital simulators, and even a mock court room. The school also boasts an impressive employment rate. Within only six months of graduating, 98% of students report being employed. The student residence hall is called Paragon Student Lets. Students get their own, fully furnished, individual room in either a six or eight room flat. While the rooms provide privacy for focused study time, students have found that these accommodations can be incredibly costly. Prospective students will want to research the costs ahead of time and make plans for alternative accommodations when necessary.


6. Middlesex University

  • International Undergraduate Tuition = Varies by Program, approx. £13,000

Middlesex University considers itself a progressive school. With over 85 student clubs and societies, there is truly something for everyone. Students can participate in Latino Film Society, Anime & Manga Society, various religious societies, student liberation groups, and more. The campus also hosts events like game nights and dances. Students have a lot of fun off-campus as well. With the campus located in north London, students are in close proximity to cultural and historical hubs like Waterloo, Leicester Square, and even London Bridge. Art, museums, theatre, food, and more are only a short walk or bus away for students at this university. Students will be happy to discover that their student ID cards might even score them a discount or two at the surrounding shops and pubs.


7. University of Sunderland

  • International Undergraduate Tuition = £12,500 – £13,500

We conclude our list of cheap universities in London with the University of Sunderland. This University’s professional-focused courses cover topics from business and management to health and social care. The university is also in close proximity to the British Library, which is known to have over 150 million books. For a breath of fresh air, students may choose to spend their day wandering any of the nearby parks such as Hyde Park, Regents Park, or St. James Park. The closest park, only a 5-minute walk from campus, is the well-manicured Royal Greenwich Park. In addition to the many parks and greenspaces, students will be pleased to know that the area is not without its fair share of tourist attractions either. For instance, Buckingham Palace is nearby, where passersby may watch the daily “Changing of the Guard” ceremony. Big Ben, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, and the Tower of London are all also nearby popular tourist attractions.

All in all, London offers students plenty of restaurants, museums, and green spaces ensuring that there is always something to do when it’s finally time to take a break from rigorous coursework.


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