Arizona State University Scholarships

//Arizona State University Scholarships

Arizona State University (ASU), a public research university, was established in 1885. The university comprises of five campuses. Four learning centers are also a part of the university throughout the state of Arizona. The university has about 80,000 on campus students and 30,000 online students. These include more than 66,000 undergraduate students and around 12,000 postgraduates. Around 17 colleges are part of the university along with 170 cross-discipline centers and institutes. The university offers 350 undergraduate programs and more than 400 graduate degrees and certificate programs for both national and international students. In this article, we will be looking at the Arizona State University Scholarships!

Arizona State University is one of the top research universities in the US. Among the Most Innovative Schools in the United States, ASU has grabbed 1st position. The university has a diverse faculty of around 4,400 scholars and researchers including 4 Nobel laureates

ASU has around 12,000 international students from 135 different countries. The university has been a top choice of international students wishing to study in the US. Arizona State University offers a wide range of scholarships and financial aids to international students so that they don’t face any difficulty in completing their studies.


Arizona State University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

1. New American University Scholarship

This program provides scholarships to the international students who get admission at ASU. Freshman, as well as transfer students, are eligible for the program. It is a merit based scholarship provided to international students with an excellent academic record. The students who maintain an excellent academic record at the university are selected for this program. This Arizona State University scholarship is purely merit based and students need to maintain a good GPA and test scores for qualification. The selected students are provided with a stipend ranging from $3000 to $8000 per academic year.


How to Apply:

Students willing to get admission at ASU can apply for this scholarship while submitting their admission forms. Once you get admitted to the university, you will be considered for the scholarship. No additional application is required for the scholarship.


2. College and Departmental Scholarships

ASU has around 17 colleges and 170 departments. Many of these colleges and departments provide Arizona State University scholarships to international students. The colleges and departments are autonomous in providing these scholarships.  The criteria for each scholarship are different depending on the department or college. The amount of scholarship also varies.


How to Apply:

Each department or college is responsible for the award of this scholarship. After the students get admission to the ASU, they should contact the concerned department for scholarship information and deadline. The students can also get further information about these scholarships and apply via ASU scholarship portal app.


3. Private Financial Aid

International students studying at the ASU can also benefit from private financial aids. All the international students at ASU are equally eligible to apply for these scholarships at Arizona State University. The immigration status of the students has nothing to do with this program. Private donors in the state pay for these scholarships. The amount awarded in these programs varies. Eligibility criteria for each scholarship are also different.


How to Apply:

Students can check the eligibility criteria and apply for these financial aids by visiting the official website of Arizona state University.


4. Student jobs

Are you student at Arizona state university but are unable to qualify for any scholarship? Don’t worry. You can get a part-time job at ASU. the university provides jobs to the students so that they can meet their expenses during their stay at the university. These jobs not only provide considerable money to the students but also provide them with substantial experience that will be very helpful in practical life.


How to Apply:

You can know further about these jobs and apply for them at the website of ASU.


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