Georgia Institute of Technology Scholarships

//Georgia Institute of Technology Scholarships

The beautiful city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia is known as a home of one of the great technology institutes in the US, the Georgia Institute of Technology (also known as Georgia Tech). It was founded in 1885 as a technology school in Atlanta. It attained the status of a public research university in 1962. Since then, the Georgia Institute of Technology has been playing its crucial role in the development of technology and economy within the state and throughout the world. The institute comprises of six colleges and about 31 different departments and offers a number of undergraduate, graduate programs. The institute is well-reputed for its best programs in business, computer sciences, engineering, and animal sciences. The university has a total enrollment of 30,000 students and has more than 1700 highly qualified faculty members. In this article, we will be looking at the various Georgia Tech scholarships that are available for international students.

Georgia Tech also offers a very healthy and recreational campus life to its students. The institute has more than 350 student clubs and organizations that host a number of activities every year for the involvement of students. Students can gain valuable experience and skills by involving in these on-campus activities. With around 43 sports clubs, the institute offers a number of outdoor sports activities for the physical well being of its students.

With more than 4,000 enrolled international students, the Georgia Institute of Technology offers equal academic and research opportunities to the international students coming from all over the world. Georgia Tech offers a number of scholarships and financial aid programs for its international students enrolled in graduate as well as undergraduate programs.


Georgia Tech Scholarships (Undergraduate)

1. Anne Robinson Clough International Student Fund

Mrs. Clough established this fund with the sole purpose of helping international students who need financial assistance to continue their education. Only those students can benefit from this scholarship at Georgia Tech who cannot pay their tuition fee and are in some financial crisis. The fund can be used either to pay the tuition fee or to attend an academic or leadership conference.


2. Out of State Tuition Waiver

International students who have F-1 visa can benefit from this Georgia Tech scholarships. It is a need based program and provides short term tuition waiver to the international students who are in some financial difficulty. It is not a long term program and the students need to seek some permanent solution as a solution to their financial problems.


3. George International Study Abroad Scholarship

This program provides scholarship to the international undergraduate students who are enrolled in one of the programs at Georgia Tech. The students must be willing to study in a third country to benefit from this scholarship. An annual scholarship of $2500 is provided to the selected students by Georgia Tech. The students must have a financial need and excellent academic record to qualify for this scholarship.


4. International Internship Program

In this program, an internship is provided to the international undergraduate students in their field of study. Students can gain a valuable experience from these internships and prepare themselves for the responsibilities of practical life in the near future. In addition, many of the internships are paid providing the students a considerable amount of money to pay their tuition fee.


5. On-campus Employment

You do not need to worry even if you are unable to qualify for any scholarship or financial aid program. The Georgia Institute of Technology also offers a number of on-campus employments to its students. This program provides the students an opportunity to work and earn money while their stay at the Georgia Tech.  Students can work part-time when the classes are on as well as full-time during the summer term.


Georgia Tech Scholarships (Graduate)

1. Graduate Assistantship Program

Graduate students at the Georgia Institute of Technology can fund their education by becoming a graduate assistant (GA) at the institute. By serving as a GA, the students not only get valuable experience and exposure to professional life, but they also get a considerable amount of Georgia Tech scholarships to pay their tuition fee and bear other expenses of higher education. At Georgia Tech, more than 40% of the graduate students work as GA. This high percentage shows the opportunities of assistantship offered by the institute to its graduate students.


Generally, there are two types of graduate assistantships at the Georgia Institute of Technology:

  1. Graduate Teaching Assistantship: In this form of assistantship, the students have to teach some of the basic level courses to the undergraduate students of their own department. They are also required to help the senior faculty members in conducting the lectures and managing the courses.
  2. Graduate Research Assistantship: It is a form of assistantship in which the graduate student serves as an assistant in a faculty-sponsored research program and helps senior faculty members to complete the ongoing research project.

Students who get any of these assistantships are offered a tuition waiver. These assistantships are provided by the departments on their own and the minimum stipend given to the assistants is $978 per month. The graduate assistants are usually required to work 12 to 30 hours per week.


2. Graduate Fellowship Program

A number of fellowships are provided to the international graduate students by the Georgia Institute of Technology. The award money provided to the students in various fellowship programs ranges from $1,000 to $30,000 per year.


In addition to the institute specific fellowship programs, international students from different nations of the world are also given country-specific fellowships.

These include the following three fellowship programs:

  1. Russian Global Education Program: Students from Russia can benefit from this program if they have an excellent academic record and financial need. It is sponsored by the Government of Russia
  2. Domenica Rea D’Onofrio Fellowship: This fellowship is provided to the students of Italy who have done their undergraduate degree from an Italian university and are pursuing their graduate degree at Georgia Tech.


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