How to Study in USA for Free (3 Steps)

//How to Study in USA for Free (3 Steps)

Some of the best universities in the world are located in the United States of America (USA). Therefore, international students find some of their programs very attractive. However, the American education system is notoriously expensive, which might make things uphill for most students. Therefore, your best options are scholarships.

There’s a huge number of scholarships available for international students. They are offered by certain organizations and by some universities. We have compiled a number of these scholarships here and we have some final tips that will help you make your dream of going to the USA closer than ever.


Three Ways to Study in USA for Free

1. Attend Tuition Free Universities and Colleges

The first method of studying in the US for free is to attend tuition-free universities and colleges. Some of these universities and colleges are operated entirely on donations and endowments, and some require you to work while studying.

This might sound like a shock to a lot of international students because many thought that studying in the US was very expensive, but this is not the case for all. These institutions are not scams, but they provide you with an excellent education. You can even search them on Google and check their rankings.

The good news is that even international students are eligible to attend these tuition-free institutions. for free  You can check them at at 16 Free Tuition Universities in the US.


2. Get Fully Funded Scholarships from Universities

As stated before, the universities in the United States give generous scholarships even for international students. Here are some of the most generous universities.


University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is known for giving out generous scholarships for international students. They award it based on SAT/ACT scores, and if you reach a certain range of scores, you will be automatically be given the scholarship corresponding to your score. There are thousands of international students that are benefiting from their generous scholarship program.


Harvard University

As you probably know, Harvard University has a lot of money from endowment and donations from its wealthy alumni. Because of that, the University is able to offer great scholarships for both domestic and international students. You can check out the scholarship information above.



Like Harvard, MIT has tons of money available for scholarships. They will meet the full demonstrated need of every single student that attends the institution, and some receive fully-funded scholarships including tuition, room, and board because they don’t have the money to pay for it. If you are interested, visit the scholarship link above.


20 Best Scholarships for International Students

These universities are not the only ones with generous scholarships for international students. You should check the 20 universities in USA with best scholarships for international students in the link above!

3. General Scholarships

You should also consider these scholarships that are not university-specific. By getting these you will be able to study in USA for free.


Fullbright Scholarship For Foreign Students

The Fullbright Program is one of the most prestigious ones. It’s founded by the United States’ government and it promotes multiculturalism as well as international relations. There are different scholarships available within the program.

These scholarships are mostly offered to graduate students that want to pursue a master or doctorate. Usually, the scholarship covers all the expenses of the student during their first year. However, it can be renewed for the following year as well.


QS Scholarships

QS is a publication focused on providing accurate and reliable information regarding study programs and universities to interested students. Furthermore, they now offer scholarships to students that have been admitted to a university that QS has ranked before.

The application process is simple, on top of grades; the student must write an essay about someone the applicant admires. QS awards $10,000 to the winner.


Global Study Awards

This scholarship also looks to promote international experience, diversity, and multiculturalism. Therefore, the student that earns it will receive approximately $12,300. The organization pays this amount paid directly to the university in question. However, if tuition is lower than this total sum, then the remainder might be given to the student for living expenses purposes.


S. N. Bose Scholarship Program

This is a highly specific award, which is provided to Indian students interested in pursuing studies related to sciences such as physics, mathematics, and chemistry, among others. There is a standing agreement between the USA and India regarding this scholarship. The award covers everything from airfares to health insurance as well as a stipend for living expenses.

This is an example of many scholarships available thanks to bilateral agreements. We strongly recommend looking into specific scholarships that are offered to or by your country to study in the USA.


Other Things to Consider

As we’ve stated before, getting a job is not as easy in the USA as in other countries for people on a student visa. Sometimes, on-campus jobs will be available for you to work without violating the terms of your visa, but sometimes they won’t.

Furthermore, depending on your degree, you might be eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). However, in most cases, you can only do this after your first year of college. Day 1 CPT might be available to graduate students in certain universities.

Nevertheless, counting on a job to pay for your tuition and living expenses is not advisable.

Therefore, it’s recommended that students try to take their courses as efficiently as possible. This means, taking extra credits to graduate earlier. One of the benefits of this is that if you get a scholarship that only covers tuition fees, you’ll be able to cut your living expenses by decreasing your time as a student.

There are different options available to make your studies affordable and even free in the USA. Here, we have only shown a small number of general and university scholarships for your consideration. A majority of universities offer either partial or full scholarships, sometimes for specific programs.

Therefore, it’s important to research the programs in which you’re interested to see if there are available options. Furthermore, if you’re part of a minority, there might also be other options for you to consider. A great number of institutions have scholarships specifically offered to these populations.


I hope that this article on how to study for free in the USA was helpful. If you are interested, visit the USA Scholarships Page!