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//Royal Roads University Scholarships

Headquartered in Colwood, British Columbia, Royal Roads University is a public university that was founded in 1995. The university offers three Pathway, six undergraduate and three graduate programmes to its students. Programmes at Royal Roads include Communication and Culture, Humanitarian Studies and Environment and Sustainability. International students who do not yet meet the standards applied for the level of English can take a preparation programme, the Intensive English Programme (IEP). After obtaining their bachelor’s degree, students can also attend Royal Roads University for their graduate degree. International students are encouraged to partake in one of the many clubs, events and volunteering opportunities on campus. Tuition for international students cost CND$ 5,000. Direct Entry is a possible option for those who have already completed two years at a different institution and want to complete their undergraduate degree at Royal Roads University.

There are a few things international students who are wishing to apply to Royal Roads University should take into account. The university offers support to international students in various different ways. One of these ways is that all residents of British Columbia are required to have proper health insurance. This also goes for international students, who must apply for medical insurance while studying in Canada. Make sure to check the Royal Roads website and the governmental website to see how you can best take care of your health insurance application. Students who need short-term residency can apply for a referral to the Temporary Campus Accommodation unit which will help you find a place to live on-campus. It is important to check admission requirements to make sure you are eligible for the programme of your choice.

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Royal Roads University Scholarships

There is a wide variety of loans, scholarships, bursaries and awards available to students at Royal Roads University. We will go through the ones that apply to international students. Any student who is studying full-time at Royal Roads University can apply for a Student Line of Credit. This loan will provide you with any amount of funding that has been judged suitable from your financial institution, credit history and your current financial situation. Emergency Loans are also available to students that are in serious financial need due to unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond their control, such as delays in personal funding. Emergency Loans are intended to aid upcoming tuition instalment deadlines and should not be used to help with the normal costs of living or every day expenses. International students from Taiwan and China can apply for the RRU Royal Scholarship, which is worth CND$ 3,000. This scholarship is awarded to students who strive for continuous academic excellence.

Awards that are available to international students include the Royal Roads International Entrance Scholarship. This award is rewarded to exceptional international students who wish to apply to a degree programme at Royal Roads University. This award gifts students between CND$ 1,000 and 3,000. If you are planning to attend Royal Roads for one or two consecutive semesters during year three or four of an undergraduate programme, you can apply for the Visiting Student Award. This awards gifts students CND$ 350 per credit.

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