Booth University College Scholarships

//Booth University College Scholarships

Booth University College (BUC), formally known as the Salvation Army William and Catherine Booth University College, is a private liberal arts university headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada in the province of Manitoba. The university college has ties with the Salvation Army, a Protestant Christian Church and charitable organisation operating in more than 125 countries. BUC currently counts four different schools, the School of Business, Social Sciences, Humanities and Continuing Studies. These schools all provide programmes for students to obtain their bachelor’s degree. In this article, we will be looking at the Booth University College Scholarships.

Students coming from outside of Canada are able to apply to Booth University College for different programmes. We will take you through the steps international students are required to take to be able to gain admission into BUC. We will pay additional attention to scholarships that are available for international students at the university college. Firstly, international students who are planning to come to Canada to study at BUC are required to purchase the International Students Health Plan. The costs of this 12-month health plan (CND$ 730,000) are included in the fees that apply to international students and you will not have to apply to the plan yourself.

The steps that international students are required to take are mostly the same for Canadian students. First, you must decide on the exact programme you want to follow at BUC. The Viewbook can be used as an overview of all programmes the university colleges has to offer. International students are encouraged to also check out the tuition fees and general costs that apply to international students, as they will be different than those that apply to Canadian students. Make sure to have a good look at the entrance requirements that Booth University College has for its international students, such as the English proficiency requirements. The deadline for application for the fall semester is April 16th and students are asked to pay an application fee of CND$ 150. Students must arrange for their official transcripts, such as high school or previous university records, to be sent to the university college for the admission process to be completed. After acceptance into BUC, a tuition deposit of CND$500 is required to secure your place at Booth University College.

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Booth University College Scholarships

To guarantee eligibility for a scholarship or bursary, students are encouraged to apply for a scholarship or financial aid before March 31st, which is the university’s priorities deadline for scholarship. The university college offers a scholarship that was designed to help Salvationist students coming from the African Salvation Army Territories. This Major and Mrs. Festus Uko Abara Scholarship was introduced in 1993 and provides financial assistance up to CND$ 4,000.

Application for the standard Merit scholarship (CND$ 2,000) is available to all incoming students with a high school average grade of more than 80%.

The President’s Entrance Scholarship (worth one year tuition) is gifted to students who demonstrate academic excellence with an outstanding drive to contribute to Education for a Better World.

There are several awards available for all BUC’s students who are actively enrolled in a programme and contribute to community engagement. These awards mostly all offer students CND$ 250 per three credit hour course. Make sure you check out what scholarships you might be eligible for by contacting the Admissions office at Booth University College.

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