7 Best Universities in Austria for International Students

//7 Best Universities in Austria for International Students

When it comes to looking at the numerous options in Europe for pursuing higher education, whether it is for a year abroad or if its pursuing your entire degree, Austria is one such country that offers a wholesome and holistic experience. A trick would be to simply picture studying in Germany, albeit with more refined exclusivity, culture, and education.

So what makes Austria an extraordinary and perfect choice? For starters, the country is reputed for having one of the highest quality of life in the world, particularly in cities such as the capital of Vienna. Low crime rates and high social security can be attributed to this. The natural environment of Austria is also something that can tempt anyone; despite it being a landlocked country, the landscapes range from alpine hills to extensive but stunning plains, introducing true diversity. When it comes to culture, Austrians do not shy away from their colorful traditions and lifestyle. This includes their very tantalizing cuisine and drinks! All these reasons, coupled with the iconic architectural features of the cities in Austria make the country a very appealing choice for any student.

In this list, we have compiled a series of universities in Austria for international students. From the bustling city of Vienna to the pleasant towns of Graz, these universities offer some of the best in terms of education and experience for prospective foreign students. We hope they give you some valuable insight into what this stunning country can offer!


Universities in Austria for International Students

1. University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is the oldest university in the country and was established in 1365. Its ancient history and inception also places it as the oldest university in the German-speaking world. It is currently one of the largest and leading universities in Europe with almost 100,000 students enrolled in its courses and degrees. Located in the capital city of Vienna, the university is academically comprised of around 15 major faculties and schools of study. A multidisciplinary approach to education is guaranteed, with the university offering well over 180 degrees for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Of these, several courses are administered in English. Some of the many Masters degrees that are taught in English include Management & Finance, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Botany, Microbiology, Mathematics and Urban Studies. The institution is mostly renowned for its education in the humanities. Associated with over 20 Nobel Laureates including the likes of Hans Fischer and Erwin Schrödinger, Vienna has a prestige in research as well. Currently, the university is ranked among the top 50 universities for Arts and Humanities but its global ranking places it among the top 200 in the world (ARWU, QS and Times rankings). Prospective foreign students are guaranteed to experience the best of education coupled with Austria’s culture during their studies in this prestigious institution.



2. Technische Universität Wien

The Technische Universität Wien (translated as the Vienna University of Technology) or TU Wien is a major public institution of higher education based in the capital city of Vienna. Currently providing education for a student community of over 28,000, the university has a high prestige for its teaching in technological studies, engineering and the natural sciences. Over 150 different courses of study are offered through 8 major faculties; these include chemistry, civil engineering, computer sciences, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics etc. While most courses are taught in German, a select few are administered in English as well. This university in Austria for interantional students has gained a prominent place in the field of research as well, ranging from authentic, cutting-edge and theoretical research to applied technological and industrial research. The QS rankings rank the university among the top 200 institutions of higher education in the world and its most highly ranked departments (typically in the global top 100-150) are computer sciences and engineering. This makes the university and outstanding choice for students who wish to immerse themselves in a cutting-edge and fast-paced research environment while pursuing their academic studies.



3. University of Innsbruck

Based in the stunning city of Innsbruck, the University of Innsbruck is another public university in Austria that was founded in the mid-17th century. Known for its iconic architecture and colourful environment, the university offers an exciting cultural experience for its students in addition to their academic studies. Furthermore, the university is considered to be the third largest institution as well as one of the leading institutions in the country and provides study programs for around 27,000 students in particular. The academic organization comprises of faculties of study that are selective and specific, ranging from broad departments like economics and law to focuses on Catholic theology. It annually welcomes a wide influx of students through the many exchange programs such as Erasmus and these foreign students constitute approximately one third of the student community. What’s more, students are not required to pay any large tuition fees (and only need to pay a minor contribution fees)! Added to this, students have access to numerous options which enable them to deepen their knowledge during their studies while having ample extra-curricular experience. Coupled with the beautiful alpine environment of Innsbruck city, students are guaranteed to enjoy their time of study here.



4. Graz University of Technology

The Technische Universität Graz (translated as the Graz University of Technology) or TU Graz is a public institution of higher education that operates as a school of technology. Based in Graz in the province of Styria, the university is a leading institution in the country that contributes significantly to the research potential of Austria as well. TU Graz is also a member of the Austrian Universities of Technology which include TU Wien and the University of Leoben, which collectively makes this network a technology powerhouse. With a student population of nearly 18,000 students, this university in Austria for international students provides a diverse range of technology-oriented courses and degrees of study, ranging from engineering to mathematics. Around 20 Bachelors and 35 Masters programs are offered, of which a large proportion are taught in English for foreign students. The TU Graz also offers doctoral training programs for prospective foreign PhD students which are administered in English as well (through 14 doctoral schools).  The institution has been ranked among the top 500 universities in the world (based on the ARWU and Times rankings) and its highly ranked departments include Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical/Electronic Engineering. In addition to foreign partnerships through the Erasmus sceheme, the university is also international partners with Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy), the Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany) etc.



5. Johannes Kepler University Linz

The Johannes Kepler University is a public institution of higher education based in the city of Linz in Austria. Founded in 1966, the university is one of the most recent additions to the country’s higher education system. With its student population of nearly 20,000, the university has a campus-based atmosphere that introduces a strong, close-knit sense of community. Approximately 12% of the population consists of foreign students outside Austria from over 100 different countries, introducing a strong sense of internationalization to the university environment. Four major faculties oversee the university’s academia. With a wide range of over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, the students have access to courses from business and law to social sciences and medicine. This university in Austria for interantional students is also one of the few institutions of higher education in the country that offer long distance-learning courses in partnership with other international universities. The university has been ranked among the top 100 universities that are under 50 years since inception and is among the best young German-based universities in Europe.



6. Medical University of Vienna

It can be quite surprising to think that one of the oldest medical schools in the world is actually based in Austria! This is the Medical University of Vienna which was founded way back in 1365 as the second medical school in the Holy Roman Empire. In addition to being one of the largest institutions of its kind in the country, it maintains a high profile as a research powerhouse in Europe. The university provides medical education for over 8000 students. Its proficiency and elite system of education has enabled it to be ranked as the 15th best medical school in Europe as well as the 49th best in the world. While Medicine and Dentistry are the key programs, other courses include Medical Informatics, Applied Medical Science and postdoctoral training programs. These minor programs are what attract most foreign students. With the institution’s location in the heart of Vienna and its rich and vibrant environment, coupled with the dynamic academic and research-intensive atmosphere of the university, students have the opportunity to get a well-rounded education during their studies here.



7. Medical University of Graz

Another recent addition to Austria’s higher education and medical school system is the Medical University of Graz. Founded in 2004, the university was initially a part of the University of Graz before it became an independent institution of its own with a focus on providing medical education of the highest quality for its students. Located in the beautiful city of Graz, this university in Austria for international students provides studies for around 4100 students in particular. Courses of study include medicine, dental medicine, nursing sciences as well as exclusive PhD and doctoral training programs. The university attracts several foreign students annually through their Erasmus programs as well as drawing in clinical elective students who wish to study for a portion of their medical education.


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