7 Cheap Medical Schools in Canada

//7 Cheap Medical Schools in Canada

Going to medical school in Canada is not one of the cheapest options in the world. However, researching among Canada’s many excellent higher education institutions, we can find that some medical schools offer very competitive prices. This is surely a positive thing, especially considering how prestigious many Canadian universities are. Therefore, we’ve taken the time to research your options if you’re interested in pursuing your higher studies in the medical field in Canada. This list reflects the price for annual tuition and we hope it will serve you as a general guide to determine which option better adheres to your budget.


Cheap Medical Schools in Canada

1. University of Manitoba

  • Tuition fee: $10,000

Established in 1877, this university is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It has become the leading research institution in Western Canada, and it was also home to the first medical school in the area. Thanks to its research results, it’s considered one of the best higher education institutions in the country. Furthermore, the medical school ranks among the top 20 in Canada, tied at number 14 with the University of Saskatchewan. As part of a Canadian research group, the faculty strongly encourages students to develop research projects. One of the things that characterize this university is how inclusive it is. They have developed both national and international programs, reaching out to First Nation citizens in Canada. This has made its student body one of the most diverse in the country.


2. University of Alberta

  • Tuition fee: $12,000

This cheap medical school in Canada is located in Edmonton, Alberta. Its four campuses are located in Edmonton, although it also has buildings in Calgary and Camrose. It’s one of the biggest Canadian universities with almost 40,000 students enrolled every year. Furthermore, it has a very international profile, with over 100 countries represented by students taking courses in this institution. The intense research focus of this university has paid off. There have been numerous advances made in the medical area thanks to researchers that found a home in the University of Alberta. Advancements in infectious diseases, as well as chronic ailments such as diabetes, have been the result of innovative research in this university.


3. Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Tuition fee: $11,460

This is the only higher education institution located in Newfoundland and Labrador. 18,000 students comprise the student body with over 100 countries represented by international students. This university offers several degrees at all higher education levels. Furthermore, it has numerous online courses, allowing greater flexibility for the students. Campuses are in different parts of the country, with one located overseas, in the United Kingdom. The school of medicine is affiliated with the Newfoundland Health Science Center General Hospital. Degrees in medicine are offered from the undergraduate level to residency programs. Although the majority of research endeavors are focused on ocean science, there are also research opportunities for medical students.


4. University of Calgary

  • Tuition fee: $15,012

The University of Calgary is home to the Cumming School of Medicine. It’s the second medical school in Alberta, and it has important links with hospitals in the area. Furthermore, it offers studies at all levels, from undergraduate to doctorate programs. One of the things that makes this school stand out is that the Doctor of Medicine program only lasts three years instead of the usual four. This is because there’s no summer break at this cheap medical school in Canada. This way, they ensure that the entire curriculum is covered, guaranteeing the quality of education for its students. Also, there are seven health institutes associated with the school. This allows students to focus on research in different areas.


5. Northern Ontario School of Medicine

  • Tuition fee: $18,533

This school of medicine is the joined product of an allegiance created between Lakehead University and Laurentian University. Therefore, it has campuses both in Thundery Bay and in Sudbury, where these universities are respectively located, in Ontario. The approach of this medical school is very singular. They advocate for earlier contact between the student and the clinical setting. Furthermore, they provide immersive experiences with the indigenous communities since the very first year of enrollment. This goes in hand with the university’s goal of servicing the local communities. The medical school is associated with two teaching hospitals and it has other links with different health centers.


6. Dalhousie University

  • Tuition fee: $23,000

This university is part of a Canadian group of higher education institutions that promotes intensive research within their programs. With over 150 degree programs, there’s an ample offer in this university, including a medical program. Although the university had a rough beginning in the 1800s, it has now established itself as a solid institution with over 18,000 students enrolled every year. Three campuses form the university’s structure. Two of them are located in Halifax while one of them is in Nova Scotia. Furthermore, it has five libraries, which makes it the university with the largest number of tomes in the Atlantic part of the country.

Canada is one of the favorite destinations of international students. The high quality of these cheap medical schools in Canada will allow you to receive a comprehensive education. As we’ve seen, most Canadian medical schools focus intensely on research. This will provide you with an opportunity to innovate and develop research skills that will serve you well in your career.


7. University of Western Ontario

  • Tuition fee: $33,382

This university was founded in London, Ontario in 1878. One of the very first faculties was the faculty of medicine. There were also the law, arts, and divinity faculties. This university has greatly expanded since those first days, and it now has a wide number of programs available. The university’s hybrid library system includes both physical tomes and e-books, making research easier for attending students. Thanks to different research projects, the university ranks among one of the best in this area in Canada. In the medical field, there’s an entire institute named The Brain and Mind Institute. Here, the main focus is cognitive neuroscience. Furthermore, studies on infectious diseases have provided great hope regarding the development of an HIV vaccine in the near feature.


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