7 Cheap Medical Schools in Japan

//7 Cheap Medical Schools in Japan

Japan is home to numerous international students, with approximately 300,000 foreigners pursuing their higher education in Japanese institutions. Some of the medical schools in the country are ranked among the best in the world. This makes it a very attractive option for international students. Once you’ve garnered information on the requirements to study in Japan, you can start to consider the different institutions. However, costs can be quite high, especially when considering tuition and living expenses. Despite this, depending on the university, some options are more affordable than others. Here are some of the cheapest medical schools in Japan.


Cheap Medical Schools in Japan

1. Tokyo Medical and Dental University

  • Tuition fee: $5,000

The Tokyo Medical and Dental University started as an institution focused on the preparation of dentists. However, as it started to grow, a faculty of medicine was created. What started as a school is now recognized as a national university with both graduate and undergraduate degrees. There are two separate hospitals, one for dentistry and one for medicine. This institution has a great number of international students. In addition, it has established important links with foreign medical schools. There are three separate campuses, with one of them solely dedicated to research centers. This shows how important this subject is within this cheap medical school in Japan.


2. Asahikawa Medical University

  • Tuition fee: $5,000

This national institution is located in Hokkaido, and it was first founded in 1943. Despite being closed after World War II, the need for medical professionals in Hokkaido was felt deeply. Therefore, numerous petitions were made to open the university again. Today, it’s one of the most important institutions specialized in health sciences in the area. They have maintained a philosophy centered on serving the local community. From offering only medical studies, the institution now offers other degrees, including nursing. Furthermore, it has its own teaching hospital as well as laboratories where those interested in research can pursue their goals.


3. Hamamatsu University School of Medicine

  • Tuition fee: $5,000

Hamamatsu University was founded in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka in 1974. From a very basic curriculum, this school of medicine quickly widened the number of subjects offered. This was to provide the necessary education to its students. Today, this university has numerous features that make it very attractive to students from all over the world. One of these features is the university’s hospital, which allows students to learn in an environment where they will work as doctors. Furthermore, they have built research buildings in order to promote innovative projects in different areas. Also, they now have a graduate division, which will allow medical doctors to pursue more advanced degrees once they’ve graduated from this cheap medical school in Japan.


4. Osaka University

  • Tuition fee: $5,000

This public research institution is one of the most prestigious in Japan. It was founded in 1931, although there are historical records that show other institutions that preceded this modern one, were established since 1724. It’s among the top best 100 universities in the world and it ranks in third place in Japan. It has three campuses and each campus houses different faculties. The school of medicine is located on the Suita campus. This is one of the most selective institutions in the country, making it exceedingly difficult to pass the admission’s process. Although they offer a Human Science degree in English, medical studies are only available in Japanese.


5. Nagoya University

  • Tuition Fee: $5,000

This national university is located in Chikusaku, Nagoya. It’s considered one of the best institutions in the country and it’s among the best 100 universities worldwide. With alumni that have gone on to win Nobel prizes, it’s one of the most coveted universities. It’s one of Japan’s oldest institutions as it was founded in 1871. The first school was the school of medicine. Innovation forms part of the university’s philosophy, strongly promoting independent thought. In addition, they have held world conferences om ambitious subjects such as nanobiology. There are over 1,000 international students enrolled at this cheap medical school in Japan. Although the majority of them come from other Asian countries, other countries are also represented.


6. Okayama University

  • Tuition fee: $5,000

This university was first founded in 1870. However, it wasn’t declared as a formal university in accordance with modern standards until 1949. Like other institutions, the first school created was the school of medicine. However, it has now grown to include numerous other faculties, which go from law school to engineering and education. There are three campuses, two of them located in Okayama. The third campus is located in Misasa, in the Tottori Prefecture. This institution gives great importance to the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN. This has made it one of the universities that have performed the greatest research regarding this subject.


7. Akita University

  • Tuition fee: $6,400

This university is the product of the merger of two previously existing institutions. It was founded in 1949 but it wouldn’t be until 1970 that a medical school was created. Said school has its own university hospital. Furthermore, there are now graduate degrees for medical doctors as well. Academic research is highly valued at this institution, especially in the case of graduate studies. They have a great focus on attending the needs of the local community by preparing knowledgeable medical professionals.


As you can see, studying in Japan can be very affordable. National universities offer annual tuition fees that are much lower than in other countries. However, admission is one of the most demanding all over the world. Despite this, great research opportunities are one of the main things that might motivate you to attend one of these schools.

In addition, the high placements some of these universities have in world rankings speak to the quality of the education you will receive. Therefore, now that you have an idea about the budget you will need, you can continue planning your studies in Japan. Don’t forget that most countries offer generous scholarships for students with excellent academic backgrounds. Therefore, there might be such an opportunity for you to cover both your tuition fees and your living expenses.

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