How Long Does it Take to Get an Associate’s Degree?

//How Long Does it Take to Get an Associate’s Degree?

Many students want to earn a degree soon after graduating from high school. If you are willing to get a degree in a limited duration of time, an associate’s degree is the best option for you. Associate’s degree has a number of benefits. It not only saves you time but also saves money. The tuition fee at the colleges that offer associate’s degree is much less as compared to the tuition fee of a bachelor’s degree. A student can earn an associate’s degree either as a full-time student or a part-time student. The time required to complete this degree also varies accordingly.

In most of the countries that offer an associate’s degree, students are required to complete 60 credit hours to get the degree. These 60 credit hours can be completed in two years if the student is enrolled as a full-time student. That’s why associate’s degree is also called a two years degree program. However, a part-time student may require more than 2 years to complete the 60 credit hours of the degree. Thus, he may require more than 2 years to complete his associate’s degree.

Some colleges require the student to earn more than 60 credit hours to complete their associate’s degree. These colleges demand the students to study extra courses and earn 64 to 72 credit hours in order to get their associate’s degree. In this case, it may take students more than two years to complete their associate’s degree. They may be required to study an extra semester or an extra year at the college in order to complete the extra courses.

Colleges usually offer two types of associate’s degrees. An account of these degrees is given below.


Accelerated Associate’s Degree Program

If you want to earn your associate’s degree in less than two years, the accelerated associate’s degree program is best for you. You can get an accelerated associate’s degree in as little as 12 months only. These degree programs offer condensed courses.  They award credit hours to the students on the basis of their experience or work. If you are currently working in a field or have considerable experience in the field you want to earn an associates’s degree, the accelerated associate’s degree will be your best choice. It will save you both your time and money.

Many universities offer accelerated associate’s degree as online programs. This will further save you from the trouble of going to college and attending classes.


Longer Associate’s Degree Program

This program is best suited for the people who do some part-time job or have a family to look after. These programs do take your extra time and money,  but the time and money you spend on these degree programs is worth the skills you learn during these programs. They take two years or more to complete but enable you to start your job immediately after completion of the degree. You might not require an extra bachelor’s degree to have a good job. This longer associate’s degree will help you better achieve your personal and professional goals.


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