How Long Does it Take to Get a PhD Degree?

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Many students who have done graduation have a number of questions in their mind about the higher studies. The question that disturbs them the most is that how much time is required to get a doctorate degree. They want to know how much years of their life will be spent in getting a doctorate degree. In this article, we will talk about different factors that decide the time period required to complete a doctorate degree. We will mainly focus on the universities in the US and the United Kingdom.

A student must think carefully before starting a doctorate level degree program. It may take several years to complete PhD in certain subjects. The PhD degree demands full devotion from the students. PhD degree holders advise the students to carefully think whether they really want a doctorate degree or not.

It has been said that it takes average 4 -5 years to earn a PhD degree both in the UK and the US.  However, factors that can extend this time period are discussed below.

The most important factor that decides the duration of a PhD degree is the dissertation. A PhD student is required to produce an original academic dissertation in order to get the degree. They have to produce and successfully defend their dissertation in front of a dissertation committee in order to successfully get a PhD degree. It is such a tough job that many PhD students fall out of their degree programs because they continuously fail to defend their dissertation in front of the committee. A survey results show that only 56% of the students who begin their PhD degree are successful in defending their dissertation and getting a degree.

A PhD student has to come with a dissertation after he has completed the course requirements and has cleared examination. The courses required for a PhD usually take two to three years. If a student is able to pass all the courses in first attempt, he can fulfill the course requirements in just two to three years. After that, the time is consumed in producing and defending a unique academic dissertation.

Another important issue in getting a PhD degree is funding. You must calculate your resources before starting a PhD degree. If you want to earn a PhD degree in minimal time, make sure you have enough funding to support your studies as well as your dissertation. If you fall short of funding in between your degree, you may have to find some job to meet the expenses. In that case, you will have to give your important time to your job. This will decrease your focus on your studies and you will need more time to complete your PhD degree.

If you are willing to do a PhD, you must keep in mind that the purpose of PhD is to prepare you as a scholar. You may be required to publish papers in top-class journals of your field. If you fail to publish papers, this will further delay the time to get a PhD degree.


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