7 Cheap Medical Schools in Italy

While medical school in North America can get extremely expensive, there are many options for students who want to travel abroad or who already live in Europe. Italy, specifically, is renowned for having top tier and inexpensive medical school options. If you are worrying about not knowing how to speak Italian, have no fear: there are a total of twelve public medical schools in Italy that offer English-taught medical degrees.

In Italy, some universities calculate your tuition fees based on your family income. Be sure to consult your university of choice about this process.

It is important to note that medical degree programs in Italy are often six years in duration as opposed to the common four years in North America. The fees are presented as a per year tuition rate, and are presented in USD currency.

Cheapest Medical Schools in Italy

1. University of Pavia

  • Domestic fees: Please Consult University
  • International fees: $3000

Established in 1361 and located in Pavia, ITL, the University of Pavia is a public institution. The university’s medical school program is a six-year long program, or twelve semesters. The first two years of the curriculum focuses on the foundation of basic sciences and in-class education. In the third year, a vocational traineeship is required, similar to the North American clerkship program. Vocational traineeship options include general surgery, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, and pediatrics.  At this cheap medical school in Italy, exams and assessment make up a major portion of this program.

2. Sapienza University of Rome

  • Domestic fees: $2000
  • International fees: $2307

Founded in 1303, Sapienza University of Rome is located in Rome, ITL. The university’s Medical School has three major medical faculties: the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, and the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology. There is an emphasis on in-class learning during this medical degree in the first few years, with the requirement of clinical rotations in the latter years.

3. University of Bari Aldo Moro

  • Domestic fees: Please Consult University
  • International fees: $1570

Established in 1924, the University of Bari Aldo Moro is a public university located in Bari, ITL. The Medical School at the institution consists of four major departments, including: the Department of Emergency and Organ Transplantation, Interdisciplinary Department of Medicine, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology, and the Department of Medical Sciences, Neuroscience, and Sense Organ. The medical degree program at this cheap medical school in Italyis six-years long. The program includes class time and lessons, practical sessions, self-study, seminars, and clinical rotations.

4. University of Milan

  • Domestic fees: $2400
  • International fees: $2768

Established in 1924 and located in Milan, ITL, the University of Milan is a public university. This university offers graduate and post-graduate medical degree programs. Their medical degree program is six-years in duration, split into two major cycles: pre-clinical training and clinical training. In the first two years, emphasis and focus are on in-class education as an introduction to medicine and clinical diseases. The third year requires courses in practical medicine, including those that focus on laboratory medicine, biostatistics, and system diseases. The fourth and fifth years have a predominant focus on specialized courses, and the sixth and last year predominantly focuses on practical clinical and hospital experience.

5. University of Turin

  • Domestic fees: Please Consult University
  • International fees: $1153

Next on our cheapest medical school in Italy is the University of Turin. Founded in 1404, the University of Turin is a public university located in Turin, ITL. The medical school degree is six-years long in duration, and the structure of this university’s curriculum is particularly unique. This is because clerkship is offered within students’ first year of the program, with the belief that early introduction to medical practice while simultaneously taking in-class courses is important. Due to this unusual structure, students are allowed to fulfill class credits in the latter years (third, fourth and fifth) if needed. In the final year, students are able to take part in a course that allows a focus in clinical cases, overseen by course coordinators.

6. University of Bologna

  • Domestic fees: $2700
  • International fees: $3114

Established in 1088, the University of Bologna is a public university located in Bologna, ITL. The medical degree program at this institution is six-years long, divided into three major phases. In the first two years, medical students are taught in-class about the basics and essentials of medicine and the human body. The next two years focus on clinical approaches, pathology, and other practical skills. The final phase, the last two years, are predominantly focused on clinical rotation, specifically within the areas of general medicine, obstetrics, surgery, and pediatrics. Main focuses throughout this medical degree program include legal medicine, psychiatry, community medicine, medical oncology, and emergencies.

7. University of Naples Federico II

  • Domestic fees: $1100
  • International fees: $1269

The University of Naples Federico II was established in 1224, and is a public university located in Naples, ITL. The medical degree program at this cheap medical school in Italy is six years in length. The first year of this program is dedicated to in-class education and courses, focused on foundational knowledge of medicine. The second year of the program is predominantly focused on the study of surgery and medicine, also with an in-class course structure. The third year is when clinical and practical studies come into play, including surgery, methodology, community medicine, laboratory medicine, and pathology. The last three years have a predominant focus on clinical rotation and research. The university emphasizes the importance of professional and decisional autonomy.

Tuition fees do not reflect other expenses, such as cost of living, transportation, and any other additional fees. However, many university websites offer a glance at what your monthly and yearly budget may look like while living in Italy, so be sure to take a look at the official websites for that information.

As you can see, there are many cheap medical schools in Italy, especially when compared to North American tuition rates. Completing your medical degree at any institution in Italy will result in a well-rounded experience as well as a great cultural environment to study in. For international or non-EU students, studying in Italy will provide you with the additional benefit of discovering a new place!

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