5 Cheap Universities In Boston

//5 Cheap Universities In Boston

Boston is considered one of the best cities for students. This is because Boston is thought of by most as one of the United States’ most intellectual cities. There’s a huge number of universities and over 200,000 students in the city. Besides, there’s a high number of international students pursuing their higher education. In addition, there are great culinary options for you to enjoy. Thanks to the fact that immigrants from all over the world have fallen in love with this city, you can try meals from almost any corner of the world.

We do have to say that winters are harsh in Boston. However, it’s nothing a thick coat and an ensemble of gloves, hats, and a scarf can’t beat. Something that you’ll love about Boston is that it’s very easy to walk around the city and visit historical places. Everything seems to be very close! Thanks to its rich history, you’ll be surrounded by places with a story, which will make your life in the city all the more interesting.


Boston’s Cheap Universities

1. Cambridge College, Boston

  • In-state and out-of-state tuition: $5,388 per semester.
  • International students: $5,688 per semester.

This private college is a non-profit institution. The target student body is adults that are getting their higher education later in life. Therefore, the university has designed ambitious online and semi-online programs. This allows for greater flexibility for students that need to work while taking their courses. Furthermore, this cheap college in Boston offers studies in different areas. These include health care management, psychology, and education, among others. An interesting characteristic of this college is that has regional centers throughout the state and the country, including Puerto Rico. Cambridge College has widened its offer from bachelor’s degrees to include graduate programs as well.


2. University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston)

  • In-state: $7,306
  • Out-of-state: $17,537
  • International students: $17,702

This is the only University in Boston that’s public. It was founded in 1852 but it received its current name in 1964. This institution is largely focused on research, and it’s one of America’s greatest examples of growth. From a tiny institution, it expanded to one of the most diverse universities. There are students from over 140 different countries. Furthermore, the university has made a great effort to include females and students from minority groups. The goal is to provide equal opportunities for every prospective student. Its recently inaugurated Integrated Sciences Complex is an addition that shows the university’s commitment to providing numerous research opportunities.

The programs offered range from bachelors to doctorates. The areas of study include nursing & health sciences, liberal arts, and business, to name a few. The university has a great number of centers in which both the faculty and the students can pursue research projects in different subjects. The tuition fees presented above are per each semester of studies.


3. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

  • In-state and out-of-state tuition: $9,095
  • International students: $10,045

This institute truly has a very direct reason for being named this way. It was established in 1908, using money that Benjamin Franklin had destined for this purpose in his will. This private college focuses on engineering science and the developing of new technology. As the institute expands, changes need to be made. This is why that this cheap university in Boston was announced in 2019 that it will be moving to a larger space. The change in location is expected to be ready by 2021. There’s a small number of programs offered at the moment, less than 15. Furthermore, the student body is very small at just a little over 500 students. However, this guarantees the small size of the classes, which allows for more personalized education. One of the things that make this institute so attractive is that it has a very high graduation rate.

A great opportunity offered by the Benjamin Franklin Institute is that students that come from very low-income households are eligible for free tuition. This will be an option after a proper socioeconomic study of the student in question is done. The tuition fees presented here are per each semester.


4. Boston Architectural College

  • In-state and out-of-state: $12,876
  • International students: $13,226

This college is the largest of its type in the New England area. Focused on space design careers, this private college offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. Furthermore, there are also certificate courses, which are destined for the public. This is a way to promote knowledge regarding the intricacies of space design. They also offer summer programs for high school students that think architecture might be the way to go. Interestingly, this higher education institution started as a club. It was due to the need for knowledgeable people in the area that it eventually evolved to a college. Their McCormick gallery has become one of the places to visit in Boston. The entrance is free and the students’ work is displayed.


5. Bay State College

  • In-state and out-of-state tuition: $28,500
  • International students: $28,600

Bay State College was founded in the late ‘40s. One of the things that make this cheap university in Boston stand out is the fact that it offers day, evening and online classes. This has led it to be organized by divisions that follow these modalities. The areas of focus at this institution include healthcare and technology as well as business. However, the programs offered are less than 15. Some of these are in nursing, physical therapy, and medical assistance. However, there are also programs related to fashion, criminal justice, and business administration.

These are only some of the options you’ll find in Boston. As you can see, even the cheap options are not as cheap as one might hope. Besides, this city is fairly expensive compared to others in the country. However, there is a wide number of scholarships and financial aid options in case you need them. Boston is also a great place for networking and establishing long-term business relationships. If you’re interested in business or management studies, this might be to your liking. Lastly, with so many things to do and see in Boston, you’re bound to enjoy your time there.


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