IELTS Band Requirements for Universities in Italy

//IELTS Band Requirements for Universities in Italy

International students gain different experiences when they study abroad. Not only do they grow in knowledge, but they also learn to relate with people of various races, cultures, and intellect. As such, they become a significant member of society because of their well-rounded personalities. 

If you finished your high school studies and searching for your next academic milestone, why don’t you try studying in Italy? We listed seven universities that you can consider. Also, we share with you their minimum required IELTS band requirements for universities in Italy so you know if you initially qualify or not. If you are not, it will be worth it to raise your IELTS score.

IELTS Band Requirements for Italian Universities

1. Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

IELTS Band Requirement:

  • Minimum: Band 4

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is a government-funded university in the city of Venice. It began in 1868 in the Venetian Gothic palace along the Grand Canal. Initially, it was an institute but transformed into a university in 1968. At present, it has eight departments and ranked fifth out of the 89 Italian universities in 2017.

The economics department of the university garnered the third place in Italy in 2017. Additionally, the QS World University ranked it in the top 100 for modern languages, in the top 150 for humanities, and in the top 200 for management and economics. In 2018, the National Agency for the Evaluation of University Research Systems ranked it as third place for its research quality.

2. Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

IELTS Band Requirement:

  • Minimum: Band 6

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is a private university focused on research. Moreover, it is also the world’s largest Catholic academic institution with the main campus in Milan and satellite campuses in Rome, Piacenza, Brescia, and Cremona. It has 12 faculties and seven schools for postgraduate studies in Italian and English. Father Agostino Gemelli established the Instituto Giuseppe Toniolo di Studi Superiori in 1919. He later inaugurated it as the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore on December 7, 1921.

In 2017, the QS World University Rankings ranked its law and legal studies in the top 100, its economics and econometrics in the top 150, its agriculture and forestry in the top 180, its accounting and finance in the top 200, and its business and management in the top 250. In 2018, it ranked the university as 481st globally. As you can see, the IELTS requirements for this Italian university is Band 6.

3. John Cabot University

IELTS Band Requirement:

  • Minimum: Band 4

John Cabot University is an American university in Rome, Italy offering programs like Art History, International Affairs, and Business Administration. It started in 1972 as an affiliate of Hiram College in Ohio and grew to become an independent university in 1991. Previously, it assumed the name John Cabot International College. In 1978, many of the students were business majors, while a few of them enrolled in an Associate of Arts degree. Beginning from 1985, the university introduced programs in the fields of English Literature, International Affairs, and Art History.

The university has three campuses near the Roman Forum and the Vatican. It currently offers academic programs in Communications, Economics, English Literature, and Political Science. Moreover, it has associate and BA degrees in business administration and humanities. In 2017, it offered a Master of Arts in History.

4. The Polytechnic University of Milan

IELTS Band Requirement:

  • Minimum: Band 6

Next Italian university in our list of IELTS Band requirements is Politecnico di Milano, which is the largest technical academic institution in Italy that offers undergraduate and graduate courses to students who want to learn design, engineering, and architecture. It started in 1863, so it is also the oldest university in the city of Milan. It has two campuses in the city and five other satellite campuses across Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. 

In 2018, QS World University Rankings ranked the Polytechnic University of Milan as 17th in the world among technical universities. Moreover, the school garnered top honors in the fields of design, civil and structural engineering, architecture, and engineering and technology. It was the top university in Italy.

5. University of Bologna

IELTS Band Requirement:

  • Minimum: Band 5.5

The Universita di Bologna is a research university that began in 1088 by a guild of students. It is the oldest academic institution for higher learning in the world. Moreover, it is one of the leading and most prestigious in the entire Europe continent. It has campuses in Forli, Rimini, Ravenna, and Cesena, plus a branch center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Moreover, the university has Collegio Superiore di Bologna, a school of excellence.

For 2020, the QS World University Rankings placed the institution at 177th place in the world. Moreover, it is the first place in Italy and 74th in the world for academic reputation. On the other hand, THE World University Rankings placed the University of Bologna in 168th place globally for the same year.

6. Sapienza University of Rome

IELTS Band Requirement:

  • Minimum: Band 6.5

The Sapienza – Universita di Roma or the University of Rome is a research university that is one of the oldest institutions in the world. It started in 1303 as Universita Degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza.” It often ranks first not only in Italy but also in Southern Europe. Many of its alumni became Nobel laureates, heads of nations, European Commissioners, Presidents of the European Parliament, scientists, astronauts, and notable religious figures. 

This university in Italy requires that you have at least IELTS Band of 6.5. If you don’t have an IELTS score above that, you should definitely study harder or to look for other universities in Italy that require a lower IELTS band.

For 2018, it ranked first for Classics and Ancient History globally. Moreover, QS World University Rankings ranked the institution in the top 100 for Graduate Employability Ranking. It also placed it in the top 9 for Archeology. In the 2016 Academic Ranking of World University, Sapienza belonged to the top 3% global universities.

7. Polytechnic University of Turin

IELTS Band Requirement:

  • Minimum: Band 5.5

Politecnico di Torino is a state-funded university that began in 1859. It is the oldest technical university in Italy and currently offers programs in Industrial Design, Architecture, and Engineering. The European Commission awarded the institution with the title “European University.” In 2013, the Academic Ranking of World University ranked the school as first in Italy and fourth in Europe for Engineering.

The QS World University Rankings ranked the Polytechnic University of Turin as 33rd in the world for Engineering. It also gave the same ranking to the academic institution in 2013 for the same field of study. Moreover, in that same year, it ranked the school as first in Italy, eighth in Europe, and 30th in the world for electrical engineering.

We shared with you some of the Italian universities with excellent academic records. They provide a high-quality education that every graduate can use to further their career and secure a more stable financial future. We also listed their minimum IELTS band requirement for universities in Italy to help you gauge your chance of admission. If you honestly want a better future, why don’t you apply to any of these Italian universities today?

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