6 Best Undergraduate Scholarships in Australia for International Students

//6 Best Undergraduate Scholarships in Australia for International Students

One of the most famous study destinations for international students is Australia. The country has been welcoming students from all over the world for a long time and the numbers just keep growing. Australian universities are some of the top ones in global rankings, giving the country its popularity among international students.

However, studying in Australia is very expensive which is why students from all over the world constantly search for scholarships that would make it possible for them to pursue their studies at their favorite institute. That is why we have compiled a list of the best scholarships undergraduate students can apply for in order to study in Australia.

Best Undergraduate Scholarships in Australia

1. Australia Award Scholarships

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  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition fees, airfare, living expenses, and health insurance.

The most popular scholarships offered by the Australian Government on an annual basis are the Australia Award Scholarships. They’re offered in order to help with the development of those countries that have bilateral ties with Australia. Students are encouraged to gain the knowledge they seek from Australia and then use it to make their contribution to their own countries. This is by far one of the most prestigious and helpful undergraduate scholarships in Australia that students from humble backgrounds can apply for. Not only do they get their tuition fee covered, they also receive a lot of help with their living expenses, travel expenses, and even overseas health insurance. The application process is quite arduous, so it’s better to get started much earlier than you need to if you want to submit a strong application.

2. Destination Australia Awards

If you don’t need full tuition coverage and are looking for a scholarship that provides a significant amount to help support you through your studies, then the Destination Australia Awards might be the right fit for you. They’re offered to students who are studying in regional Australia in an attempt to attract more students to come study in these parts of the country. For the 2020 round of these Awards, 35 educational institutes will be offering their programs to international students.  Like any other government-funded scholarship, the Destination Australia Awards are highly competitive and prestigious too. If you’re interested, it’s a really good idea to start your applications with a good amount of time in hand before the deadline.

3. Macquarie University International Scholarships

One of the most prestigious universities in Australia and a very famous institute among international students from around the world, Macquarie University offers a partial scholarship to some of its most excellent international students. This scholarship amount is paid towards the students’ tuition fee and can be a great help in helping them manage their finances. You must note, however, that this undergraduate scholarship in Australia is merit-based and applying as early as possible for it after you have received an offer to study at the university is highly encouraged.  If you’ve wanted to study at Macquarie University and would like some help with your fee payments, then this scholarship is right for you.

4. ANU Global Diversity Scholarship

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  • Scholarship Amount: $25,000 per year for a maximum of two years.

The top university of the country, Australian National University prides itself on the diverse mix of students it welcomes each year for studies. In the same vein, it offers its Global Diversity Scholarship to students coming in from certain regions of the world to study here. Student don’t need to apply for the scholarship separately either. Instead, they’re considered automatically if they meet the criteria of eligibility. The offer is open for students of all levels and faculties. It provides a very good amount of funding to students per year which can go a long way in making their dreams to study at one of the top-ranked universities not only in Australia but the whole world come true.

5. Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship

For students who have their eyes set on Melbourne as their study destination, Deakin University is one of the best institutes to apply to. It’s ranked quite highly in national rankings and even holds its own in international rankings. The university also offers quite a lot of programs to choose from, making it an ideal place to visit for your undergraduate studies. The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship is highly competitive and based on the merit of international students. It offers financial support towards tuition fees and also gives you the priority when it comes to securing accommodation on the campus. If you want to attend Deakin University, you should apply for this undergraduate scholarship in Australia at least a month before you start your studies.

6. International Undergraduate Full Tuition Scholarship at UTS

The University of Technology Sydney offers a full tuition scholarship to the best international students that wish to join an undergraduate degree. Students are selected on the basis of merit as well as their response to the question of how they plan to use their newfound knowledge to uplift the community. The scholarship is very hard to get a hold of and students must apply as soon as possible. They should also think long and hard about the impact they wish to make on the community in order to answer the question asked by UTS.

So, if you’ve been searching for scholarships in order to apply for an undergraduate program in Australia, you have some of the best ones available mentioned here. You can find many more scholarships for yourself online as well, and chances are that your preferred university also offers a few that you can apply for. And remember, if you can’t find a scholarship on your favorite university’s website, you can always ask them yourself.

I hope that this scholarship in Australia for international students was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Australia Scholarships Category!