How to Apply for Google Scholarships / Internships 2020

//How to Apply for Google Scholarships / Internships 2020

For most web browsers, Google is known as a popular search engine; however, Google is also a popular tech company that is known for their apps, phones, and even laptops. Because of its major influence on the internet, Google gains a huge amount of revenue through ads, tech, and product sales. In order to make a difference, Google established countless scholarships that are currently awarded to talented students worldwide.

In the video guide above, the application procedure for google scholarships is shown, and the link to google scholarships is provided down below. Before you go, Google is a leading company in technology and computing, and prospective students can apply for Google Internships. Once accepted, many students can continue to work for Google even though their internship period is over.

Google Scholarships VS. Google Internships

Instead of comparing Google Scholarships with Google Internships, you can apply for both at the same time! Well, not exactly at the same time, but you can still apply for both Google Scholarships and Google Internships. You can apply for Google Scholarships if you are a student; however, you need to meet the eligibility requirements in order to apply.

You also need to consider that each Google Scholarship has different eligibility requirements and scholarship values, and this same rule applies to Google Internships as well. If you are a student or a graduate looking for a job, then applying for Google Internship might be your best option. Once accepted, you have a high chance of applying for a permanent position in Google.

If you are interested in either Google Scholarship or a Google Internship, then you should definitely apply since you never know your chances if you don’t apply at all. Good luck to you guys, and please use this information to your advantage!

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