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Located in the center of Connecticut, Wesleyan University is a small liberal arts college that was established to encourage creativity and innovation. Having a huge campus of over 300 acres, this institution only houses a few thousand undergraduates and a handful of graduate students. Due to this huge plot of land, many students of Wesleyan University enjoy the beautiful scenery that this campus displays but also all the technology that comes with it. Located in the academic quad, WU has established numerous academic buildings that specialize in research but also in teaching. Having a small-class environment, undergraduates of WU enjoy in-depth discussions with their professors and also with their fellow classmates. Not only does it have renowned teaching facilities, but WU also owns cutting-edge technology that allows students to conduct extensive research in their field. 

Wesleyan University Freeman Asian Scholarship Program

Due to its top-tier educational curriculum, WU charges a high rate for its annual cost of attendance, which causes a huge financial burden for international students. So what does WU offer to lower that financial burden? Offering only to selective countries in Asia, WU has established a full-tuition scholarship program to only eleven students. If you don’t fit the criteria down below, you still have a chance to be eligible for need-based aid provided by Wesleyan University. Same as the Freeman Asian Scholarship Program, the competition for any financial assistance is highly competitive due to limited funding. If you are an international student that does not fit the eligibility requirement down below, please visit the WU Office of Financial Aid for your financial support. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Student From Any of These Following Countries
    • People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam
  • Have an Excellent Academic Record
  • Have a Strong Intellectual Curiosity
  • Have a Great Moral Character
  • Be Involved in Extracurricular Activities, Especially Community Service

Also, the eligibility requirements don’t end here since you need to submit additional documents as well. To finish your scholarship application, you have to submit a separate application in addition to your admissions application to Wesleyan University. Be sure to mark the application deadlines for your different documents since it might arrive quicker than you think! Before you get into the video guide, you have to keep in mind that this scholarship only covers your tuition fees, and you still need to pay for the expenses related to room & board. Even without the tuition, the room & board itself cost nearly $20,000 per year, so Wesleyan University has decided to offer more financial aid to talented international students. 

Even if you do receive this scholarship, you still have a substantial amount left to pay, so be sure to apply for additional financial aid in this link. Also, be sure to watch the video guide too if you need additional help in applying for WU Freeman Asian Scholarship. Last but not least, visit our homepage for our most recent post as well! Good luck and stay safe. 

In the video guide below, you will see the application procedure for the Wesleyan University Freeman Asian Scholarship.