Dealing with Plagiarism and Cheating in Colleges

//Dealing with Plagiarism and Cheating in Colleges

Plagiarism is one of the most pressing concerns among educational institutions. A lack of proper citations and/or paraphrasing stolen ideas without mentioning the original author are serious academic offenses. If a student submits a plagiarized assignment, it means that he or she hasn’t put personal effort in achieving their academic goals.

Plagiarism and cheating among graduates also contradict the core principles of educational institutions, that is, to teach students to generate original ideas instead of stealing already-existing knowledge. However, there are official regulations about how you can implement the ideas of other authors without violating any academic rules.

Cite your sources

Using proper citations is an important method to avoid plagiarism. The utilization of sources with appropriate references to the author for educational purposes is an honest approach to completing an assignment. However, if a student blatantly uses the ideas of the original author without mentioning their origins, it is considered an act of cheating. In this case, the submission of an assignment without proper references to the initial sources wrongfully implies that the written ideas belong to the student presenting them.

If the educational staff prove that a student used other ideas as their own, it might lead to negative consequences. It is not forbidden to use other sources, and in many disciplines this practice is even encouraged, but the student always has to refer to the original author. Relatedly, the included citations have to meet the guidelines for the different formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian, style guides for which you can easily find on the internet. With the proper citations, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism because you won’t be violating the principles of academic honesty.

Use anti-plagiarism software

Although using materials from other sources is allowed, it is still vital to paraphrase the ideas. Namely, it is unacceptable to copy a fragment of text and paste it into your assignment. You have to put the ideas of other authors in your own words so as to provide some unique perspective. In this way, you can prove that you put the effort into comprehending and rewriting the information instead of just copying it verbatim. Regardless, even appropriate paraphrasing still requires a citation, and to avoid obvious plagiarism and to make sure that your paper is originally-written, you can use a plagiarism checker.

Besides, using anti-plag services might assist you in learning how to avoid plagiarized content and where you need to apply proper citations. The software will also help to develop your future writing, on top of giving you the ability to recognize what types of paraphrasing are acceptable. Without the checker, you cannot be confident that your teacher will accept the assignment. Even though there are numerous options on the internet which provide free plag check, you can also buy advanced software that offers more options.

Paraphrase wisely

Another method to bypass plagiarism is to express the thoughts of the original author in a unique manner. If you understand the topic of your work, you can interpret the ideas from your own perspective. For instance, you can combine your own theories and suggestions with ideas from the initial sources to make them look fresher. As a result, you will not have a high similarity index, while still presenting your own take on the subject matter.

Nevertheless, the fair use of the ideas of other authors requires that you cite the initial sources. Otherwise, even the subtlest paraphrase might be considered cheating. To determine whether or not a citation is necessary, you have to recognize whether the conclusions of the original author could be reached without the need for specific evidence or research. If you are confident that you would have the same thought process and conclusions as those explored in the source material, it will be difficult to prove that you intentionally plagiarised any content. However, always remember that when you are paraphrasing other ideas, you should try to add your perspective on them.

Ask the professionals for assistance

Dealing with the numerous requirements regarding plagiarism might be challenging for a student. More specifically, it is difficult to understand all the rules of formatting, how to cite direct quotes, and which parts should have references. In this case, you can always ask the teaching staff about the proper rules of citation. The teachers will be glad to answer your questions to assist you in creating original work.

However, there is also an option to buy essay online, and writing specialists will help you to prepare a coursework or research project without plagiarism. The professional writers will provide a sample for you on how to craft a 100% original paper. In order to maintain your status as a diligent student, you can learn from the experts on how to cite sources and avoid a high similarity index.

Another significant issue to keep in mind when using writing services is not getting caught by the teachers. You need to make sure that the service maintains the confidentiality of its customers. Otherwise, it will be difficult to prove that you did not cheat by using academic assistance. Thus, pay attention to the privacy policies of the writing services to be confident that you will not get in trouble.

Final thoughts

Dealing with plagiarism might be problematic if you aren’t familiar with the rules of academic writing and working with sources. Moreover, the differences in citation styles can be confusing for newcomers or international students. But with the assistance of anti-plag software, formatting style guidelines, your teachers, and professional writers, you can easily turn in an assignment that is 100% unique.