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To provide a unique way to stimulate its students, EPFL has created an unreal campus that contains so many possibilities. Filled with diverse tools for extensive research, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has engineered its laboratories to fulfill the dreams of its students. Known as the EPFL, this institution is focused on producing creative and yet innovative students that are well-learned in their field as they prepare to go out into their careers. To prove its worth and to show concrete evidence, EPFL has created a short video for anyone who is interested in attending its institution. If you want to study abroad in a country such as Switzerland, I would highly encourage you to watch this video first before checking out the tuition rates of EPFL.

Tuition Rates at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

If you have already watched the video mentioned above, you will see that the campus of EPFL is filled with interesting prospects for international students, including you. In order to further attract talented students from all over the world, EPFL has implemented low tuition for any students who are conducting a work-study during their academic year; however, for international students who are not undertaking any type of work-study, the tuition fee is zero! If you have not comprehended the situation yet, I will repeat this statement one more time. Free tuition is practiced for international students who undertake the whole academic year and do not participate in internships or work-study.

After taking into account the tuition, you also have to consider other factors that comprise your total cost of attendance. Since you are an international student, you have to rent an apartment or a living complex since dormitories are not provided by EPFL. In addition, you have to account for your food expenses since most people need food in order to survive. To top it all off, you are also charged insurance fees since it is a mandatory requirement for anyone who is living inside Switzerland. Since living in Switzerland is an expensive ordeal, some students live right outside the borders of Switzerland to avoid the expensive cost of renting. To help you figure out the financial situation, I have provided a link to a post that provides helpful information concerning the Cost of Living in Switzerland.

Scholarships Offered at EPFL

Unfortunately, the only type of scholarship offered at this institution is only available to exchange. Since EPFL already provides low tuition for working students and free tuition for non-working students, it only offers merit scholarships to students who are involved in an exchange program with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. To be a part of this exchange program, you have to be already enrolled in one of the partner universities of EPFL, which means you are not a high-school graduate but a current undergraduate student. If you want to see if your institution is a part of EPFL exchange program, then go ahead! If you meet this preliminary requirement, then you are set to go by applying for the exchange program, and after being accepted, you can apply for the merit-based scholarships at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

For Exchange Scholarships at EPFL, Click Here

You have no reason to envy exchange students since they are required to pay the tuition fees ($1500) no matter what, and that is the main reason that EPFL is offering scholarships only to exchange students. As a prospective international applicant, you can apply and study in EPFL at no cost if you get accepted into one of the programs at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and please be sure to spread the links to this post to other international students if you have found it helpful. Good luck and have a great day!

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