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Located in the third-largest city in Germany, the University of Munich is one of the leading research institutions in Europe and one of the most famed universities in the world. To promote academic learning with real-world experiences, students at TUM are encouraged to perform experiments and to conduct individual research with the help of renowned faculty members. During the summers, many undergraduates take the place of an intern in local business and private research industries. In order to bring these events into a reality, the Technical University of Munich has made numerous connections with private companies and top-tier scientific institutions. In addition to its prestigious teaching curriculum, TUM has made this opportunity available to any talented applicants by lowering its tuition fees to basically zero.

Free Tuition at Technical University of Munich

In order to award students based on their ability and not solely on financial status, TUM has followed the standard practice of many universities located in Europe. To encourage learning and to discourage student debt, free tuition is given at the Technical University of Munich, but a small entrance fee is required at the beginning of each semester. For every incoming and current student of TUM, you are required to pay approximately 130 Euros per Semester ($150), which is not bad for an international student. Compared to universities located in the United States, this fee is so small that your educational fees are basically free.

For TUM’s Tuition Fees, Click Here.

If you are seriously planning to attend TUM for this upcoming year, you have to consider additional fees. TUM has eliminated your first problem, which is the tuition fees, but you have to also consider the living costs, food fares, and transportation fees. Compared to other European countries, living in Germany is slightly less expensive; however, the cost depends on your individual decisions. The highest cost will be your monthly rent, and the next one up will be your cost related to food and drinks. If you are running low financially, I would highly recommend that you find a place near your institution, which would lower your cost since you don’t have to pay any fees for your transportation. To help you with a starting guide, I have provided a link to a post that might help you get a basic idea of what the living expenses is like in Germany.

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Technical University of Munich’s Scholarships

To help especially international students, TUM has created many scholarships that are based both on academic merit and financial need. If you have a demonstrated financial need and have excellent academic records, you are eligible for a one-time scholarship that is designated just for international students. Being just one of the many scholarships offered by TUM, this high-value scholarship is not the end. You can also apply for funding opportunities that are offered by private companies and local industries as your extra backup options. As I have said before, there is no limit on how many scholarships you can apply for, so please take advantage of this information regarding different types of scholarships. To give you just a taste of what is in store, I will list all the information regarding one of the top scholarships that are offered only to international students.

1. Scholarships for International Students

For this scholarship, you have to be enrolled in TUM for more than one year in order to apply for this scholarship. To be honest, it would be nice for this scholarship to be open to incoming international students in their freshmen year, but TUM didn’t open this scholarship option to incoming freshmen since many international students leave during their first year at TUM. To award students who are sticking with the TUM academic programs through their bachelor’s or their master’s degrees, TUM has implemented a high-value scholarship only to returner students.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be an International Student (Not a Citizen of Germany)
  • Be Either One of the Following
    • Enrolled in Your Third Semester of Your Bachelor’s Degree
    • Enrolled in Your Second Semester of Your Master’s Degree*
  • Have Submitted Your Bachelor’s Thesis or Master’s Thesis Before the Deadline
  • Have Good Academic Records
  • Have Demonstrated Financial Need

*Can Apply During the First Semester of Your Master’s Degree if You Have Completed Your Bachelor’s at TUM

Scholarship Value:   500 ~ 1,500 Euros per Semester

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For international students who want to study in TUM for the first time, there is still hope since TUM offers many more scholarship programs that are available to incoming freshmen as well. I would definitely apply as many scholarship opportunities that I can find since funding can be depleted very quickly during your stay in Germany. In the link down below, the additional TUM scholarships are listed in the center while the private scholarship opportunities are located in the lower right-hand side column.

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How to Apply to TUM

The application procedure and application deadlines are different for different degrees. Each degree has a separate page that describes the application information. You can check the degrees at this page to find out more about specific instructions for your degree.

TUM Work-Study and Internship Opportunities

To provide extra avenues for earning money, TUM has created many work-study positions and paying internship opportunities through its partnerships with business and local companies. Even for students who do not have a way of transportation, you can get a job on-campus by using a job portal created by TUM academic departments. There is also another method to fund your living expenses, but I’m going to discourage you from this method, which is loaning money. Please don’t get into debt if you can just apply for a scholarship or a work-study position! If you are planning to get a loan from the very start, it is better to not get an education at all since paying off the money will be a huge obstacle to overcome at the end of your career.

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Please take advantage of available scholarship opportunities, and be sure to share this post with your friends if you have found this information helpful. As always, good luck, and do your very best!