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Located in the plains of Germany, Heidelberg University is a renowned institution that is known for its specialization in research. To start off from the right foot, much funds have been spent on building the research centers and specialized laboratories; however, that is not the end since you also need to have a right faculty in place. To fill this important role, even more funding had to take place to hire renowned professors in each field who cared not only for the subject but also for the students as well. Due to its care and effort that went into this big project, Heidelberg University became known for its research through the works of 25 individual research teams and research training groups. To feel the gaps of graduating seniors, many efforts were made to attract international students from all over the world, and two key factors that played into this role were cheap tuition and great scholarships.

Tuition at Heidelberg University (Really Cheap)

Even though most universities in Europe practice free tuition for incoming students, Heidelberg University abandoned this practice just a few years ago. In order to raise the bar for international students, this university has decided to put a financial restraint just for international students. Compared to other universities, tuition at Heidelberg University is really cheap, but please keep in mind that the tuition fee is not the only financial problem that you will be experiencing. To give you a rough approximation, you need to pay 3,000 Euros per year ($3,200) just for the tuition fees. As I have covered in previous posts, you also need to pay for your living expenses, which consist of renting an apartment and buying groceries for food. Last but not least, you are required by law to have insurance, and transportation costs will be probably included among your fees as well.

Scholarships Offered by Heidelberg University

In order to match the increased tuition, Heidelberg University has created multiple scholarships that are for international students. Because of its huge funding, scholarships awarded at Heidelberg University contain different criteria and award amounts. To prevent further confusion among its incoming students, there are specific criteria included for each scholarship offerd at Heidelberg University. If you are interested in attending this prestigious institution, be sure to visit the link down below for available financial aid. Even though it is a short post, I hoped you enjoyed it!

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