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Formerly known as Bosung College, Korea University was founded in 1905 and now stands as one of Korea’s most reputable and oldest universities. Today, Korea University has two campuses: Seoul Campus and Sejong Campus. Moreover, the university has three subsidiary hospitals: Anam Hospital, Guro Hospital, and Ansan Hospital. It comprises 59 departments and programs that are subdivided into 17 colleges and schools. As of the 2020 academic year, there are about 29,580 students on Seoul Campus and 7,096 on Sejong Campus. In this article, we will be looking at Korea University scholarships for international students.

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International Students at Korea University

As of 2020, the total number of students at Korea University is about 37,000, of which about 2,154 or 10.34% are international students in the Seoul Campus only. About 981 international students are in language and exchange programs. Korea University offers several International Student Support Programs that will help international students adjust and cope with student life in Korea.

There will be a bi-annual orientation to learn important details about student visa, academic planning and management and campus resources. To help with language adjustment, students can enroll in Korean classes and improve their language abilities.

It is important to have the best student experience, that is why Korea University attracts students with several programs such as KUISA (Korea University International Student Assistants) Buddy Program, Interdisciplinary major of GKS (Global Korean Studies), and KU Leadership program. Students can participate in several activities to experience and learn Korean culture.

Korea University Tuition Fee for International Students

The tuition fee for international undergraduate students at Korea University can range from KRW 4,300,000 or USD USD 4,000 for Humanities and KRW 5,500,000 or USD 5,000 for Sciences. It can be paid through bank transfer, Alipay, and other available banking payment options to the virtual bank account of Korea University.

The tuition fee for international graduate students per semester varies depending on the course. The tuition fee for both master’s and doctoral programs are as follows: Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (KRW 4,886,000 or USD 4,300), Natural Science & Physical Education (KRW 5,914,000 or USD 5,200), Engineering & Art (KRW 6,897,000 or USD 6,065), Health Science (KRW 6,406,000 or USD 5,630), Medicine (KRW 8,646,000 or USD7,600), and Pharmacy (KRW 7,781,000 or USD 6,840)

International Admissions Guide

Korea University has created a detailed guide to help international students know the step-by-step process of the application. For undergraduate levels, international students can refer to the Undergraduate Application Guide for International Students guide. The content of the guide covers the Application Guide, Eligibility, Admission Criteria, Application Procedure, Supporting Documents, Registration, Refunds, and Visa Application.

For graduate levels, the Graduate School Admission Guidelines for International Students can be downloaded in English, Chinese and Korean. The guidebook explains the Eligibility Requirements, Language Proficiency Requirements, Programs, Procedure, Notification of the Admissions, Required Documents, Additional Required Documents for Chinese Applicants, Required Documents Regarding Eligibility, Scholarships, Important Notices, Tuition Fees, Contact Information, and Dormitory Information for Foreign Students.

Application Fee at Korea University

The application fee for international undergraduate students is KRW 150,000 or USD 130 (Humanities and Science) and KRW 200,000 or USD 175 (Art and Design). If there will be an excess from the fee, it will be returned to the applicant’s bank account. Once payment has been made, the application cannot be cancelled or modified.

The application fee for international graduate students is a total of KRW 127,000 or USD 111 which is divided into the application fee of KRW 120,000 and the commission fee of KRW 7,000. Once documents are submitted and the application fee is paid, it is non-refundable.

Korea University Admissions Requirements for International Students

Before you start your application, you have to know the eligibility requirements to know if you are qualified for the program. Three requirements for eligibility must be met before applying: Citizenship requirements, Academic requirements, and Language Proficiency requirements. For international undergraduate applicants, you have to be a non-Korean citizen, as well as both parents. Applicants should complete primary and secondary education equivalent to 12 years and submit a language proficiency certificate such as TOPIK (Korean) or TOEFL (English).

If you are applying for a master’s or doctoral degree, you have to hold foreign citizenship and complete 16 years of education from primary to tertiary level. Moreover, any of the following language tests can be submitted: TOEFL PBT 550, IELTS 5.5, and TOPIK Level 3 or above. If you are a native English speaker or completed a degree in an English speaking country, you can be accepted as well.

Korea University Rankings

The recent ranking of Korea University is placing 167th in the World University Rankings 2021. They were able to increase their rankings from 179th from the 2020 rankings. In the year 2020, Korea University was ranked 151-175th in the World Reputation Rankings and ranked 20th in the Asia University Rankings.

Korea University Acceptance Rate

Though the acceptance rate is not specifically declared, it is said that the admission process is very scrupulous for local students but can be more lenient with international students. According to some sources, the approximated acceptance rate for international students is about 25% and about 50% for international graduate students. Admission is highly based on submitted transcripts and test scores.

Korea University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Scholarship for Entering Students

One of the best scholarships at Korea University is called Scholarships for Entering Students, which is based on the applicant’s academic qualifications and those with excellent marks are given a priority. There are two types of Scholarships: Scholarship A and Scholarship B. Students granted with Scholarship A are granted a full tuition waiver for eight semesters. For Scholarship B, students are granted a 50% tuition fee waive for eight semesters. To be able to renew the scholarship, students must be able to meet a specific GPA and credits.

2. Scholarship for Current Students

There are three Korea University scholarships available for current students: Academic Excellence Scholarship, Academic Improvement Scholarship, and Need-Based Scholarship. Academic Excellence Scholarship is for those who have outstanding grades from the previous semester. The Academic Improvement Scholarship is for students who are able to pull up and improve their academic marks from the previous semester. Lastly, the Need-Based Scholarship is granted for students in need of financial aid.

To learn more about the available scholarships for international undergraduate students at Korea University, visit the scholarship page.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Global Leader Scholarship (Scholarship Type A)

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: 100% of entrance and tuition fees, dormitory fees

Three requirements need to be met to qualify for Global Leader Scholarship (Scholarship Type A), which is one of the top scholarships for graduate international students studying at Korea University. Applicants should have a good GPA and English Proficiency scores.

Lastly, students should be recommended by the department and have permission from the dean of the graduate school. When all of these conditions are met, students are granted a full-tuition waiver, including dormitory fees.

2. Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship (Scholarship Type B)

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: 60% of the tuition fee (entrance fee not included)

To qualify for this Korea University scholarship, applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.5 out of 4.5, 3.36 out of 4.3, 3.14 out of 4.0, or 85 out of 100 from their previous school. A language proficiency level should be met such as a minimum score of TOEFL(PBT) 553, TOEFL(iBT) 82, TEPS 620 (New TEPS 337), IELTS 6.0, or TOPIK level 4. Lastly, students should be recommended by the department and have permission from the dean of the graduate school. All of these requirements must be met to be eligible for the scholarship. Qualified applicants will benefit from a 60% tuition fee discount, which does not include the separate fee for the entrance fee.

To learn more about the available scholarships for international graduate students at Korea University, visit the scholarship page.


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