5 Cheapest Universities in Toronto for International Students

//5 Cheapest Universities in Toronto for International Students

Toronto – the capital of Ontario – is Canada’s most populous city. As the center of arts, culture, and finance, it offers a cosmopolitan flair comparable to other more ‘famous’ cities.

Toronto is also a hodgepodge of ethnicities, thus making it an ideal location for students who wish to abroad. To date, there are about 170,000 foreign students in Ontario – with most of them studying in Toronto. And while it is costlier than most, there are several cheap universities in Toronto!

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What are the requirements to study in universities in Toronto?

The basic requirement for applicants is a high school leaving certificate or equivalent (or undergraduate diploma for Masters/Ph.D. students. Additional documents may be required depending on the program – on top of the usual English proficiency test. Exemptions apply for the latter though, as is the case with students who have English as their first language (i.e. Americans, Irish, Australians, etc.)

Can you study in English at Toronto Universities?

Yes. All Toronto universities offer English-taught courses. A good example is the University of Toronto, where an IELTS of 6.5 or TOEFL iBT score of 100 is the minimum. Another is York University, where applicants need to garner the same IELTS score or a lower TOEFL iBT score (83).

Cheap Universities in Toronto

1. Tyndale University

Tyndale University is a private, Evangelical Christian institution located in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 1894 as the Toronto Bible School, it serves as the second home of more than 1,300 students from over 40 Christian denominations. Tyndale University is the cheapest university in Toronto for international students with the tuition fee of around $11,000 a year.

Given its history, the school is well-known for undergraduate programs such as Christian Ministry, Biblical Studies & Theology programs, Music (Worship Arts or Performance), and Intercultural Studies (Missions). On the other hand, it also offers ‘conventional’ courses such as Biology, Business Administration, English, French, Human Services, History & Global Studies, International Development, Linguistics, Psychology, and Philosophy.

Tyndale also offers theological graduate programs in Biblical Language, Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, and Spiritual Formation, to name a few.

2. University of Guelph-Humber

The University of Guelph-Humber (U of GH) is a relatively young institution, having been only founded in the year 2000. It is the brainchild of both the University of Guelph and Humber College, hence its name.

Located at the Etobicoke District, U of GH offers 7 undergraduate degrees in Business, Early Childhood Studies, Justice Studies, Kinesiology, Media Studies, Psychology, and Family & Community Social Studies. U of GH by itself does not have the authority to confer a degree. As such, all these programs come with an Honours diploma from the University of Guelph and a college diploma from Humber College.

This cheap university in Toronto also offers one graduate degree – a Master’s in Fine Arts.

From a starting population of about 2,000, U of GH now has a total of 4,750 local and foreign enrollees.

3. Ryerson University

Ryerson University – also known as RU – is one of Toronto’s renowned public institutions. Founded in 1948 as the Ryerson Institute of Technology, this cheap university in Toronto is named after Canadian Minister Egerton Ryerson.

Presently, RU is organized into the 7 undergraduate faculties of Engineering & Architectural Science, Law, Management (Ted Rodgers), Science, Community Services, Arts, and Communication & Design. Graduate programs, on the other hand, are overseen by the Yeates School of Graduate Studies.

Although Ryerson has a big student population of 34,500+, it has a low international admission rate of 5% (more graduate students than undergraduates). Despite this, the figures are expected to grow given Ryerson’s status as one of the best universities in Toronto – and the rest of the country.

4. OCAD University

Ontario College of Arts & Design (OCAD University), one of the cheapest universities in Toronto, is Canada’s biggest and oldest school for art and design. Based in Grange Park, the former Ontario School of Art has come a long way since it was established in the year 1876.

OCAD is currently organized into 3 faculties – Art, Design, and Liberal Arts & Science – and a School of Interdisciplinary Studies. These departments oversee the university’s unique undergraduate programs, such as Advertising, Creative Writing, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, Life Studies, Digital Futures, Drawing & Painting, Digital Painting & Expanded Animation, Environmental Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, and Integrated Media.

OCAD also offers 7 graduate programs, including Design for Health, Contemporary Art, and Inclusive Design.

5. York University

Founded in 1959, York University serves as Canada’s third-largest university. After all, it has more than 49,500+ students – a quarter of which are international students.

This cheap university in Toronto has multiple campuses, including the main Keele Campus that houses the faculties of Fine Arts, Law, Liberal Arts, Business, Environmental Studies, Health, Education, and Science & Engineering. The other is the Glendon Campus, which houses Glendon College and the Leslie Frost Library.

Apart from the up-and-coming Markham Center Campus, York University also has branches at the Toronto-Dominion and Toronto-Eaton centers. Both of these serve as satellite campuses for the Osgoode Hall Law School and the Schulich School of Business.

As one of Canada’s best universities, York is ranked high in the fields of Law (43), Business & Economics (101-125), Psychology (126-150), Arts & Humanities (151-175), Education (176-200), and Social Science (201-250). It’s also ranked in Physical Science & Engineering (401-500) and Life Science (501-600).


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