5 Best Scholarships in Cyprus for International Students

//5 Best Scholarships in Cyprus for International Students

Known as the Jewel of the Mediterranean, the Republic of Cyprus is one of the best options for your studies as it excites you with its historical background and unique blend of culture. This country is an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and it is in the south-eastern side of Europe and the western side of Turkey.

Aside from being an option for a tourist vacation, Cyprus offers a great educational experience. Today, this country provides quality higher education to its local students and international students. These foreign students get the best out of their education as they live in a diverse country. It has a variety of universities and colleges around the country, with hundreds of programs.

Yearly, thousands of international students come to Cyprus to take their studies. Universities and colleges in this country welcome these students to cater and provide their needs, including scholarships in Cyprus for international students.

Cyprus Scholarships

1. CyI Dean’s Distinguished Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Covers the cost of tuition and registration fees. A monthly stipend will also be given to the recipients.
  • Eligible Degree: Undergraduate programs, graduate studies, and doctoral degrees

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) recognizes aspiring international doctorate students who have an excellent academic background. The dean’s distinguished scholarship is one of the best scholarships at the doctorate level as it generously covers the cost of tuition and other fees of the awardees.

Since this scholarship in Cyprus is made for exceptional students, you need to present a strong academic performance to qualify for this scholarship. The application for this scholarship can be found on the admission application. Kindly note that your application should stand out, so you should present documents such as a portfolio, past works, or personal statements to demonstrate your academic performance. You will be interviewed online by the committee as a part of the process.

Once done with the application, the scholarship committee will review and process the applications sent out to them.

2. UNIC – Academic Merit Scholarships

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  • Scholarship Amount: 10% – 50% tuition fee discount
  • Eligible Degree: Undergraduate Studies

The University of Nicosia offers Cyprus scholarships to incoming and current undergraduate international students in the university. Academic merit scholarships have two types, depending on the year level. The first type of academic merit scholarship is based on your previous academic performance. To apply for this, you should submit your High School Leaving Certificate, and you should be enrolled as a full-time student.

The second type of academic merit scholarship will be based on your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) per semester. The higher CGPA, the higher amount of discounts will be given. To qualify for this scholarship, you should be enrolled as a full-time student, completed at least 30 credits, and enrolled in the previous semester.

3. NEU Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: 25% – 100% tuition fee discount
  • Eligible Degree: Graduate studies and PhD studies

The Near East University (NEU) is a private university in Nicosia, Cyprus, established in 1988, and it continuously provides quality education to its students. As of now, they offer scholarships per semester to students showing academic excellence. International students are eligible for these academic-based scholarships.

This scholarship in Cyprus is open to international students taking up a masters’ program or Ph.D. program. For both scholarships, applications should be sent through the university’s email address. Alongside your application form, kindly attach your previous diploma and transcript, passport, and reference letters.

These scholarships are valid, depending on your degree. For graduate students, their scholarship is for two years and four years for the Ph.D. students. Also, note that you must do academic works like finish credited lectures and publish journal articles if you’re a recipient of this scholarship. The amount of your work will depend on the scholarship discount that you’re entitled to.

4. University of Cyprus Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships

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  • Scholarship Amount: Full scholarships cover the cost of tuition fees and provide an annual stipend of €8.000. On the other hand, the partial scholarship covers 50% of the full cost of the tuition fees.
  • Eligible Degree: Graduate studies and PhD studies

The University of Cyprus (UCY) is a public research university located in Nicosia, Cyprus. They offer scholarships per academic year to aspiring masters and Ph.D. students to both local and international students.

The applications for this Cyprus scholarship will be made online, and students must submit their forms and documents electronically. Kindly include copies of your curriculum vitae, proposed research (for Ph.D. students), and other educational documents like official diplomas, certificates, and transcripts in your application. Additionally, for the Ph.D. students, you need to present a copy of a reference letter from your two evaluators. If your application is successful, you will be contacted by the committee.

This scholarship has a limited number of recipients per department, so kindly submit and make your application strong.

5. Cyprus Science University Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fee discounts starting from 50 to 100% (may vary depending on the scholarship type)
  • Eligible Degree: Undergraduate and graduate studies

Cyprus Science University scholarship, one of the best scholarships in Cyprus for international students, is available to incoming, transfer, and current international students. The scholarship amount may differ from one another depending on the type. If you want to apply for the merit-based scholarship, you can present your SAT scores, and from there, you’ll be given a scholarship discount depending on your score.

On the other hand, undergraduate transfer students can have a 75% scholarship discount. These students should meet a minimum of 2.0 CGPA to avail this scholarship. They should also submit the requirements mandated by the university, such as official transcripts from the previous university they’ve attended in North Cyprus.

Other scholarship types like the need-based and sibling scholarships are also open for international students. For the need-based scholarship, you can submit a letter requesting a scholarship to support your studies. Kindly attach supporting documents, and the university will review your application. For the sibling scholarship, your sibling can get an extra tuition fee discount.


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