After you have the W-2 tax form, income letter from your parent’s employers, International Student Financial Aid Application, and International Student Certification of Finances, how do you submit these financial aid documents to colleges?

You can submit the financial aid documents to colleges using one of these three methods: by email, financial aid portal, or IDOC. You should check with each college’s website to know which method you should use to submit those documents. I will explain three different ways to submit financial documents to colleges.

 1. Email the financial aid documents to the college’s financial aid office.

You can simply send financial aid documents to the financial aid office’s email.

2. Upload financial aid documents in the financial aid portal.

After you have submitted your application to colleges, you will receive a link to your admissions and financial aid portal in your email. You will need to create your ID and password in order to access your portal. In your financial aid portal, there is a checklist of the required material and the materials that you have submitted. You can upload your financial documents in the financial aid portal.

 3. Institutional Document Service (IDOC)

IDOC is created by Collegeboard and is connected to the CSS Profile. When you have submit your CSS Profile, you will receive an email to activate IDOC only if colleges to which you have submitted the CSS Profile uses IDOC . Next, you can upload all your financial aid form to IDOC, and IDOC automatically sends those documents to colleges that uses IDOC.

This is the least used method of submitting financial documents for international students. For example, only one college used IDOC out of eighteen schools that I have applied. Many colleges use this method for domestic students, but not for international students.

Make sure to check with the colleges first to know their preferred method of sending the financial aid documents!


I hope this article on 3 Ways to Submit Your Financial Aid Documents to College was helpful to you. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.