Studying in Finland might be one of the best decisions in life because this country has all the boxes checked when it comes to high-quality education paired with amazing social life. Finland is well known as a country with the highest living standards, and they also offer great opportunities for schooling, jobs, and permanent residence. In this article, we will be looking at the top medical schools in Finland.

Finland is a great place for international students, as the prices are affordable and the experience is unforgettable. They have a modern approach to education and a sense of freedom that is rarely experienced anywhere else.

Can international students enroll in medical schools in Finland?

Yes, according to StudyInFinland, international students can enroll in schools in Finland. Not only that, but there are many options available in the English language as Finland is keeping up with modern times and ensuring education is for everyone.

It’s still advised that as a medical student who will be in direct contact with people, to learn the Finnish language, but they have many social and extracurricular activities that will help you do so.

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What is the medical curriculum like in medical schools in Finland?

According to StudyInFinland, it takes 6 years to get a medical degree in Finland. Three years to Bachelor’s degree and three more to Master’s degree. Some universities offer education entirely in English, but most are in Finnish.

There are also postgraduate studies available, so you can pursue a Ph.D. after finishing the Master’s program. Getting a job after the internship is almost always a possibility as they are extending the visa for a year after graduation.

Best Medical Schools in Finland

1. University of Helsinki

Established in 1640 the University of Helsinki is one of the oldest ones in Europe, and it is considered to be the cradle for science and education in Finland. They are constantly ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world, and over 31,000 students would agree. According to many rankings, the University of Helsinki is the best medical school in Finland.

The university has 11 faculties, with medicine being one of them. The ideology behind medical education is to base all knowledge on research, thus they offer one of the best high-quality research programs. They have libraries and museums on campuses that will provide additional learning opportunities.

2. University of Turku

The University of Turku was founded in 1920, and with a history longer than 100 years, they prove to be one of the best in the country. Located in Turku, one of the oldest cities in Finland they offer rich heritage and history, along with a high-end education system.

This top medical school in Finland has 8 faculties and over 20,000 students. The faculty of medicine has 4 departments: the institute of biomedicine, the department of clinical medicine, the institute of dentistry, and the department of nursing science. They are working with international and national partners to ensure a proper education with preclinical and clinical classes. The goal is to research the possibilities and allow students to learn through multidisciplinary education.

3. Tampere University

Founded in 2019, the Tampere University, one of the best medical schools in Finland, is a collaboration between the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. They created a multidisciplinary university that offers international students one of the best education available.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology is one of many in this university. They have a new and modern approach to education and offer high-quality classes and research in biomedical engineering, biotechnology, medicine, and health technology. They have a Licentiate of Medicine degree program in the Finnish language, where the focus is on developing empathic relationships with patients and practical use of knowledge to ensure a good outcome.

There are also two programs available in the English language for international students, and those are the Master’s Degree Program in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering and the Master´s Degree Program in Biomedical Technology.

4. University of Oulu

The University of Oulu was established in 1958 and represents one of the biggest universities in Finland. They have over 13,000 students and 8 faculty. This top medical university in Finland aspires to be an inspiration for the development and with that idea, they are attracting more international students each year.

The faculty of medicine is situated next to the University Hospital of Oulu which provides the clinical experience and produces highly-educated professionals. There are also 11 research units available in the university to promote critical thinking and find a better solution for health problems we encounter daily.


Finland is doing a lot in the field of medicine and their universities are considered to be one of the best in the world, firstly because of the research approach but also a holistic education. They provide the environment for free thinking and new ideas, in combination with experience and great classes. This means that diplomas acquired here are not only going to open many doors but also prepare the graduates for any challenge ahead.


I hope that this article on the best medical schools in Finland was helpful. If you are interested in knowing more about studying abroad, check out the Programs in Europe for International Students!