Filled with fun facts and great histories, the country of Albania has several odd customs, such as shaking your head means yes and nodding your head up and down means no. In Albania, yes means no, and no means yes! In addition, there is a famous Albanian who is named Mother Teresa, and she is also the only Albanian to receive the Nobel Prize.

Interestingly, the capital of Albania, Tirana, is one of the few capitals that does not contain a Macdonald’s, and there are over 750,000 bunkers located in Albania. To prepare for an invasion that would never come, the country of Albania built many bunkers to protect their country, and now, it is used as a tourist attraction for foreigners.

Top Albanian Universities for International Students

1. Epoka University

Located in the capital of Albania, the Epoka University focuses on three things: education, research, and contribution to society, and the faculties of Epoka University are architecture, engineering, economics, administrative sciences, law, and social sciences. The student-to-faculty ratio is 19 to 1, and this environment fosters greater interactions between the professors and students.

Epoka University focuses on international countries, so many of its professors are international. Many international students are coming into Epoka University, and, due to the Erasmus program, exchange students are increasing in numbers as well.


2. Polytechnic University of Tirana

Established in 1951, the Higher Polytechnic University currently has seven faculties that mainly focus on engineering and technology. Because of their focus on tech, they have a highly-equipped research center to improve their current technology and to test and create future technology.

Since HPU was established to teach civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, many students come to the Polytechnic University of Tirana to study engineering. In addition to the seven faculties, there is an institution within the HPU for Geosciences, Energy, Water, and Environment.


3. University of New York Tirana

Establish in 2002, the University of New York Tirana (UNYT) was the first private university established in the country of Albania. In collaboration with many prestigious American and European universities, the UNYT’s mission is to provide quality education for its students.

Since it is established by the New York Network, the University of New York Tirana offers programs in their university, and then, the students can transfer to a college in New York to complete their studies.


4. University Europian i Tiranes

Also known as the UET, the University Europian i Tiranes is involved in many international partnerships, which can be shown in this link. Partnered with many countries and universities, the UET continues to receive exchange students and lecturers to strengthen their cooperation and also to encourage many international students to come and enjoy the country of Albania.


5. Beder University College

Establish in 2011, Beder University College offers six departments, and they are law, communication sciences, Islamic studies, education sciences, English language, and literature. Since it is a non-profit institution, Beder University College practices giving financial support to qualified students who are in need of money.

Because of its weakness in international profile, Beder University College aims to increase its number of international students and to increase its number of partner countries over the coming years.


6. Canadian Institute of Technology

At first, the name of this university throws you off the track. But it is true, the Canadian Institute of Technology is established in Albania, and it is not located in Canada. One positive perk about CIT is that the Canadian Institute of Technology offers all its courses in English so that there are no additional fees if you want to take your courses in English.

Since it is based on a Canadian curriculum, the name of this university includes the word Canadian, but this is a university established in the capital of Albania. Combining international with local Albanian citizens, the Canadian Institute of Technology continues to spur the growth of their students by providing an interactive environment between the students and their teachers.



Interestingly, there are many universities that are established by an outside network in the country of Albania. As seen above, the Canadian Institute of Technology and the New York Tirana University are just a few that were established by an outside network, and there are additional benefits such as getting an opportunity to transfer to a college in America or in Canada because of it.

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