Technology is in demand today. With the rapid changes in the world, software engineers are one of the main contributors to the research and advancements that are helping the world to become a better place. Google, Facebook, Grab, and Amazon, are just a few of the things that people usually use every day – thanks to software engineers!

The greater the demand, the more excellent the opportunity is in store for software engineers. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world as the world of technology keeps growing. If you aspire to be one of the most excellent software engineers that want to make things easier for people around the globe, finding the right country to study software engineering is important.

In this article, we listed down the best countries to study software engineering. We also included the universities that you can consider in every country.

What are the Best Countries for Studying Software Engineering?

If you’re going to study software engineering abroad, you can consider the countries of New Zealand, Norway, and Singapore. These countries have a reputation for producing software engineers in the field, and they have universities that offer these programs that are open to both local and international students.

Aside from these countries, there are a lot of universities around the globe that have software engineering programs. When you do your research on a specific country, kindly look at the country’s engineering industry, companies, and the reputation of universities.

In the article below, we listed down the best countries to consider if you’re going to study software engineering. Make sure to read more!

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Best Countries to Study Software Engineering Abroad

1. Singapore

  • Reasons: employment opportunities, outstanding universities

Software engineers are essential in Singapore. A software engineer is the most appreciated job in this country, so there’s no doubt that they put the highest priority on education to nurture every student to become the best innovators that will serve the nation someday. Thus, Singapore is one of the best countries to study software engineering. The tuition fee starts from $4,815 to $20,000. You might get it less if you avail a subsidy.

The Singapore University of Technology and Design trains its students to become knowledgeable. They are focused on design and research. If you want a top-notch school, then Nanyang Technological University is for you. It ranked top 10 for Computer Science based on the latest US News and Report on Best Global Universities. On the other hand, the Singapore Institute of Technology has the highest employment rate of its graduates.

2. India

  • Reasons: innovative education, hands-on learning

India has produced several skilled and professional experts in engineering. They are known to be the most innovative, and it is one of their goals to make the country one of the leading countries in software engineering. The standards are high but well compensated. As everything that they do connects to technology, the opportunity for software engineers is endless. That explains the tuition fee of Rs. 1,20,000, which soon will be worth it in the long run.

Indian Institute of Information Technology prioritizes that its students learn at their own pace and let the students lead the projects. It helps the student learn a hands-on approach in areas that he will encounter as a software engineer. The National Institute of Technology in India considers software engineering as an art, and they teach students theoretically and promote research. It will prepare the students to become responsible engineer professionals in the future.

3. Philippines

  • Reasons: good universities, affordable cost of education

One of the Philippines’ education cultures is that they push the students to do their best to stand out and boost their opportunities in their chosen career field. No wonder that they produce internationally qualified professionals that can compete all over the world. Complex problem solving, coding and development is just one of the focused courses of the study, and they will help you gain competence. For as low as $800 per year, you can get the highest quality of education.

CIIT College of Arts and Technology specializes in software engineering and other information technology courses. They teach in-demand skills in doing and development. Not only that, but they also get you prepared for other certifications such as EEE’s Certified Software Development Associate and Certified Software Development Professional. De la Salle University focuses on research, and Mapua University offers a fully online course or blended learning.

4. New Zealand

  • Reasons: Excellent educational system, top-notch educational institutions

If we’re talking about which is the best country to study software engineering in the world, New Zealand always comes to the top. The tuition starts at NZ$ 30,000, but you may get a 1-year free tuition fee if you are a resident for three years before your enrollment! They have a unique education system, and the curriculum is qualified internationally. Not to mention the quality of life you will be living!

Auckland University of Technology not only encourages innovation, but they want you to hone your entrepreneurship skill as well! No matter where you go, their goal is to make their graduates qualified for every possible opportunity out there. Another great university is the Victoria University of Wellington which offers a flexible way of studying. You will get trained in research, ethics, project management, and sustainability as a software engineer. Media Design School is also an expert in Software Engineering, mostly in design.

5. Spain

  • Reasons: diverse community, scholarship opportunities, internationally recognized degrees

Spain is also a place where a lot of international students go to study. It is a friendly country, and a chill lifestyle is what will get you through studying. They are also multinational, so rest assured that your degree will make you internationally ready for your career as a software engineer. Tuition fee ranges from 750 to 2,500 euro per year, but it can get as high as 20,000 euro for private institutions.

The Harbour Space University is the leading school that specializes in computer science, data science, development. They offer an opportunity to every student to get up to a 50% scholarship. They also have a campus in Thailand. Unibersidad Politecnica de Madrid offers a lot of specialty in computer science, and software engineering is part of it. It gives a better opportunity to work with other people of different expertise for a more innovative result.

6. Sweden

  • Reasons: Innovative education, high-quality learning experience

Sweden is a free country, and it encourages diversity and equality in all aspects of life. That’s why it is also a friendly country where you can build your career as a software engineer. They value work-life balance, which is very important other than just working so hard. If you want to live your life while reaching your goals, Sweden is the right place for you! Tuition is free for Swedish residents, but for international students, the fee will start at SEK 155,000

Linnaeus University gives you access to everything that you need to learn. Experiences with your mentor and colleagues will be a contributing factor to your success as a student. Malardalen University is also a progressive and innovative institution that will teach you sustainability. Studying here will help you meet the demand as a software engineer in this demanding society.

7. Norway

  • Reasons: employment opportunities, world-class educational institutions

Another excellent country to study software engineering is in Norway, which will give you a solid background, not only in software engineering but also in Applied Sciences. A joint degree is unique here, so this will give you more advantages in your future endeavor. However, you might need to meet the Norwegian language requirements before you get admitted.

The University of Bergen offers a joint program that will benefit you to the highest level. The goal is to make the opportunity limitless, as they hone you to be skilled and prepared to face complex real-world problems. Norwegian University of Science and Technology offers the program with no tuition fee if you provide proper documentation that you have enough funds to live in the country.


I hope this article on the best countries to study software engineering was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!