While managing s startup may not a rocket scientist, managers should have the background as the business grows bigger. The same thing goes with anyone who wants to start a business. If they do not have the necessary tools to help them, the business may flop even before it starts. Due to this, there are several short courses in business that can provide these individuals with the knowledge and skills they need in making a business prosper.

Short Courses in Business

1. Entrepreneur Lab Emerge

Entrepreneur Lab by CIEE

Entrepreneur Lab Emerge is a six-week on-campus course designed for aspiring entrepreneurs. It allows students to turn a viable business concept into a complete business plan that can be pitched to investors. Students will be exposed to the startup culture as they hone their business skills to give them an edge over their peers in the international startup industry.

Students can look forward to a variety of activities during the 53 hours of classes, which focus on experiential learning. They will generate a business idea and gradually adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur. The students will also learn to evaluate the market of the product as well as its value to the customers. They will also measure and create a sustainable business plan. Moreover, the students will also develop an elevator pitch to allow them to sell their ideas to potential investors. Specialized workshops, guest lecturers from business founders, on-site monitoring, and networking events are among the things students can look forward to.

Classes of this six-week short course in business are held at either the Berlin, Germany campus or London, United Kingdom campus of Council on International Educational Exchange.


2. Business Analytics Course

Harvard Business School-Online

The Business Analytics Course offered by Harvard Business School-Online is designed to hone the understanding of students on key business concepts. It also allows them to enhance their managerial skills and their ability to apply business concepts to actual business problems. The course is aimed at individuals who find it challenging to deal with data sets. It strengthens the analytical skills of students and allows professionals to acquire data literacy.

The students will learn different concepts associated with performing website A/B testing, checking warehouse inventory through sampling, and forecasting staffing requirements. This short course in business will recognize trends, analyze the relationships between different variables, and develop hypotheses needed for informed decisions.

This is an eight-week online course offered by Harvard Business School-Online.


3. Business Continuity

University of Tulsa-College of Business Administration

The Business Continuity course is designed for CEOs, CFOs, vice-presidents for operations and corporate risk management, business owners, members of the board of directors, HR directors, and emergency management professionals. The course prepares these individuals for different disasters, whether natural or man-made. It also provides them with the necessary tools for the business to survive.

Students will learn to develop a business continuity plan in case the company experiences any type of disaster. They will also learn how to conduct business impact analyses of their company or business and measure the impact of disruptions on the business. They will also receive customizable templates they can use to create the business continuity plan. Moreover, the students will also learn different strategies in identifying and evaluating potential vulnerabilities of the company. They will also learn how to avoid issues experienced by other companies.

Classes of this one-day short course in business are held at the University of Tulsa-College of Business Administration.


4. Minority Business Executive Program (MBEP)

University of Washington-Foster School of Business

The Minority Business Executive Program (MBEP) is designed for executives and owners of businesses owned by minorities with revenues of at least $300,000. It aims to help businesses grow as well as create and retain jobs. Moreover, the course aims to help minority business leaders in dealing with potential challenges in their industry. The students will learn to use financial tools in making informed decisions. It also gives them the skills in developing and understanding strategic plans for sustainability and growth.

Classes of the short course in business are interactive and combine discussions, lectures, panels, guest speakers, exercises, assessments, and simulations. The course will deal with several topics, including finance and accounting, leadership, marketing strategy, business ethics, and brand management strategy, among others.

Classes of this one-week course are held at the University of Washington-Foster School of Business in Seattle.


5. Online Course in Chinese Language Course for Business

BRIC Language Systems

The Online Course in Chinese Language Course for Business is an online course aimed at executives and owners of businesses aiming to enter the Chinese market. Companies typically hire a translator when they want to negotiate with Chinese suppliers or are aiming to enter the market in China. This course provides students the necessary tools in working with Chinese businesses.

The students will avoid the experience of other businesses entering the Chinese market where they closed shop after a few years in China. Aside from learning Mandarin, the students will also learn about Chinese business culture. Moreover, the course can be customized basing on the needs of the business or company

This is a self-paced online course offered by the BRIC Language Systems.


6. Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program

University of Tulsa-College of Business Administration

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program combines on-campus and online classes. It is designed for supervisors, managers, and directors of sales, operations, customer service, and production of companies and businesses. Employees who are part of the Six Sigma process improvement team of the company can also take this course.

Students will attend two days of classroom discussions and lectures before focusing on online webinars. They will learn and practice the concepts of Six Sigma to enhance business processes within the company. This short course in business aims to strengthen the project management skills of the student. After completing the course, the students can be certified after passing the exam.

This is a 13-week hybrid online and on-campus course offered by the University of Tulsa-College of Business Administration.


7. CORe Course

Harvard Business School Online

The Credential of Readiness or CORe Course of Harvard Business School Online is designed for professionals and individuals looking to enhance their understanding of business concepts and add value to their companies or organizations. Students preparing for their MBA can also benefit from this course.

Classes are delivered through the innovative online program of the university and focus on the student throughout the entire learning process. The students will learn to analyze and interpret information to allow them to make informed decisions. They will also learn to apply economic principles to actual situations in business. Moreover, the students will also develop business intuition.

This is a 17-week online short course offered by the Harvard Business School Online.

Running a business may not require rocket science, but executives and business owners would still require the necessary tools to effectively manage the business.


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